10 Inspiring Urban Gardenscapes From Around The World

Whether a restaurant owner is growing herbs indoors to have fresh ingredients or a family is growing a garden on their patio, urban gardening is a unique, challenging and fun way to get maximum gardening in minimum space. City dwellers living without backyards or land get creative with the space they have so that they can still cultivate fresh ingredients and enjoy their time outdoors.

Urban gardens

Since urban gardening utilises the landscape that each person has, no two urban gardens look alike. Here are 10 amazing urban gardens from around the world.

Our Favorite Urban Gardens:

1. French Chic

This space may be small but it’s charm is big. This quaint french-style garden is full of foliage, colour and charisma. A sitting area makes a lovely space for quiet conversations with friends.

2. NYC Garden

Living in the Big Apple doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice growing your own fresh food. The balcony of this New York City apartment is cleverly used as a growing grounds for several fresh herbs and vegetables.

3. Underground Garden

Two entrepreneurs started Growing Underground to use the heat that is emitted underneath the London tube. Green salads are grown in the same space that was once used as World War II shelters.

4. Graze the Roof

A lush, edible rooftop planted atop San Francisco’s Glide Memorial Church. This community-produced garden was built with upcycled materials and provides fresh food to the community.

5. Colourful Getaway

With minimal room, this bright outdoor space manages to have a tranquil area outdoors and a small play space for kids. We wouldn’t mind curling up and enjoying the sunlight out here!

6. Pop Up Patch

Pop Up Patch in Australia is a subscription-based gardening club where members rent a piece of land and tend to their own garden to cultivate fresh food. Perfect for someone who has no outdoor space, but still wants to garden.

7. Major Plants in Minor Space

This urban gardener isn’t keeping space between him and his beloved plants. With 45 different types of plants packed into a rooftop area, he has blooms all year long, even while living in the city. You can pair plants in containers to create this look for yourself.

8. Entertaining Oasis

Just because space is limited, doesn’t mean you can’t have guests over. This cosy space is plenty of room for a small evening party with close friends. The space it utilised with a large sitting area and plenty of greenery.

9. Agropolis Urban Farm

In Christchurch, New Zealand, the Agropolis Urban Farm is part of a larger movement to bring sustainable food to the area. The farm uses composted organic waste from inner city hospitality businesses and combines it with innovative growing methods and distribution of the produce.

10. Letting the Outdoors In

Large doors and a living space opened up to this outdoor area brings the outdoors inside. This cosy library overlooks the lush greenery, making it the perfect place to cuddle up with a good book.


If you’re lacking in space, it doesn’t mean your outdoor area has to lack in character. Whether you want to create a well-designed space to entertain, grow fresh food, or just have a retreat from everyday life, small spaces can pack a lot of comfort and cheer. Let us know what your favourite urban garden site is by leaving us a comment on our Facebook page.