10 New Cheap and Clever Gardening Hacks

It would be nice to have all the money in the world for gardening, but unfortunately that’s not the case for many of us. Most gardeners know they need to stick to a budget—otherwise it would be way too easy to spend a lot of cash on new plants, accessories, products, and tools.

Cheap and clever gardening hacks

Luckily, there is a solution for budget-conscious gardeners. There are all kinds of gardening hacks you can use on Geranium Rozanne® and her friends, and they’ll not only save you money, but they’ll save you time, too! Next time you’re in a bind, try one of the gardening hacks to be resourceful and save time and money. Because you should garden smarter, not harder.


Gardening hacks to try

Cheap and clever gardening hacks1. Coffee grounds and egg shells to keep pests away

Pest control can get expensive; fortunately there’s some great natural ways to keep your garden safe and free from pests!. Coffee grounds and egg shells are all-natural pest solutions that won’t cost you a thing, as long as the two items are already regulars on your grocery list.


2. Self-watering apparatuses

Don’t want to spend the money on an automated watering system—instead, use planters or DIY tools (such as a wine bottle) to water the plant only when it’s thirsty. This way, you make sure you’re not overwatering, and you guard against forgetting to water as well.


Cheap and clever gardening hacks3. Make your own pesticide spray

Again, an all-natural remedy that’s safer and cheaper than the store-bought solution. You can make your own pest sprays from just a couple average household ingredients—a common mixture is water and vinegar.


4. Make garden markers from upcycled materials

Reuse old items such as popsicle sticks to label your plants. We love these ideas for creative garden markers that you probably already have laying around!


5. Use citrus peels in your garden

Need to boost your soil? Add discarded citrus peels to your compost or garden for better soil. These peels are a great source of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.


Cheap and clever gardening hacks6. Use beer to kill slugs

Nobody likes slugs slithering around the garden. Get rid of the pests by planting slug-deterrent plants and setting a beer trap. Slugs are attracted to the fermented yeast in beer, so if you’ve got a slug problem, just fill a small container with a brew and place it level with the ground. The slugs will crawl in and inevitably drown.


7. Organise garden tools with PVC

Keeping everything organised can be hard. Make it easy on yourself by cutting up PVC pipe into few-inch tubes. Then, nail them to pieces of wood that attach to the garage or shed. You can slide your big garden tools into these tubes, effectively organising them and displaying them with ease. See two more tool organisation hacks here.


8.  Easy to clean tools

It’s important to keep your garden tools clean and free from rust.  Keep an old pot, or bucket, filled with sand nearby. Simply store your trowel or other tools in the sand when you’re finished.  The abrasiveness helps remove any dirt or other debris while preventing rust at the same time!


Cheap and clever gardening hacks9. Fertilise with common household items

No need to buy fancy fertilisers—you can boost your plants’ blooms with many items you already have at home. Peep this list for some ideas.


10. Kill weeds with cardboard

You can actually smother weeds with cardboard if you’ve got a problem with the unwanted sprouts, not to mention improve your soil! Check out this video for the how-to.


We know these gardening hacks will make you a happier gardener, and your plants will thank you for them too! Of course, to ensure your garden is always a success, we suggest planting Rozanne and some of her friends for low-fuss plants that will stick with you through the ups and downs.

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