3 Things You Might Not Know About Geranium Rozanne

How well do you truly know your Geranium Rozanne?

geranium rozanne detailSure, you know she’s lovely and stunning to look at. You know she blooms from May until November, depending on your particular garden zone. In addition, you know she is an overall low-maintenance plant. But there’s more to Geranium Rozanne than meets the eye. Read on to find out some things you might not know about this delightful flower!


Humble Beginnings

Rozanne’s story began in 1989 in Somerset, UK. After she was discovered by Donald and Rozanne Waterer, they brought her to Bressingham Gardens where she was nurtured and tested. Afterwards, she made her first public appearance in May 2000, and stepped onto the stage of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show the same year. Talk about a grand entrance!


Strong and Beautiful

Rozanne is an exceptionally strong and healthy plant. She can survive a range of conditions from drought to deluge, from humid to dry, from heat to cool, and from sunny to cloudy. No matter what soil type you have or what climate you live in, Rozanne takes it in her stride. She is extremely resilient and durable and stands up to the toughest conditions, making her a friend to gardeners everywhere.


No Wandering Eye

Among her winning qualities, is the fact that Rozanne stays put when planted. She doesn’t spread seeds all over the garden and she won’t go anywhere you don’t want her to. This charming characteristic is the same reason that you can’t plant seeds from Rozanne. Any seed she produces won’t create new Geranium Rozanne offspring.


Rozanne’s ability to adapt to a wide variety of conditions means there’s very little that can go wrong with her. You really don’t need green fingers to enjoy great looking results when growing Rozanne. It’s no wonder she was named the Plant of the Centenary in 2013 and has received several other accolades as gardeners everywhere learn how versatile and beautiful she is. Add all of these qualities to the great violet-blue saucer-shaped blooms Rozanne produces and you have a flower worthy to be planted and admired in your outdoor space.