3 Ways to Beautify Your Garden with Hardy Geraniums

Garden centers and nurseries offer a variety of colourful plants and flowers.  Novice gardeners are often overwhelmed choosing plants that will flower year after year and need minimal maintenance. Choosing flowering plants during peak summer months may be even more difficult! During summer months there’s a vast variety of beautiful annual flowering plants to attract attention.

Hardy geraniums are a fantastic choice for any summer garden. Geranium Rozanne® adds a lovely splash of colour anywhere around the garden and returns every year to give further delight and minimize your summer planting requirements.

The pretty violet-blue blooms of Geranium Rozanne have a striking white centre and cover the plant from early summer to autumn, reaching sizes up to 5cm wide.

Hardy geraniums die back in late autumn but should return the following year, if conditions are adequate. They can also be divided from a large plant, so one plant may give you many babies!3 Ways to Beautify Your Garden with Hardy Geraniums

These spreading plants may reach ultimate heights and spread of a meter over the period of three years or so.

Here are some ways to add hardy geraniums to your garden:

  1. Planting as ground cover in situations where they will thrive and add value and beauty to the garden. Geranium Rozanne is an ideal underplanting and looks particularly good under shrubs or roses.
  2. Planting in containers, window boxes (could trail down beautifully), and hanging baskets. These options really expand on the versatility of Rozanne for all sizes of gardens or patio/balcony spaces.
  3. Tumbling over walls to create a mass of colour cascading from the top of a stone wall. This hardy geranium will take over once spring flowering spreading plants like aubretia begin to die down.

Caring for Geranium Rozanne is just a simple matter. No pruning is needed, except in spring to remove dead stems to encourage new growth. The plants thrive in any fairly fertile soils and prefer full sun or partial shade situations for best performance, but they will grow in shady conditions, if necessary.



3 comments on “3 Ways to Beautify Your Garden with Hardy Geraniums

  1. The plant u sent last year is doing good.I had cerise colored hardy geraniums in my yard.Like them.TY again.

  2. I have sourced Rozanne from two different garden centres. The flowers from both have the right colour characteristics but the vegetative growth is very different. One of the selections is very lax. vigorous and spreading whilst the other, planted as adjacent is slow growing and compact. Other plants of this second selection have similar growth pattern but start in the spring looking very vigorous and then the leaves go light green,some with brown mottling which looks like a virus or nutrient problem. Later these plants recover their darker green colour to new leaves and thrive. All plants are still flowering but they are not attractive to bees especially when compared to Johnson’s Blue which they love.
    Unfortunately Johnson’s Blue is a bully and will out compete anything else in the border and has a very short flowering period.

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