4 Reasons to Give Potted Flowers Instead of A Flower Bouquet

Flowers are the perfect gift to give for any occasion, as well as for no occasion at all. Who doesn’t love the beauty and kind gesture of a flower? There is an easy way to ensure your gift is well received, and that is to give a live, flowering plant instead of a bouquet. Here are four reasons why it is better to give potted flowers.


Potted Flowers Live Long

While a bouquet may look stunning on the day it is given, it will not last more than several days, as the stems have all been cut from the plant. A potted flower, however, which is a living bouquet, will last for weeks! Living plants grow, eat, and breathe. Its beautiful blooms will continue to bestow its beauty and charm, reminding your recipient of your thoughtfulness in giving it. Plus, they are easy to keep alive and vibrant–all they need water and light.


Living Plants Provide Lots Of Enjoymentgift of potted flowers

When you give the gift of living flowers, you are giving entertainment, creativity, and better health to your recipient. Fresh, endearing flowers come in colors and sizes to instantly enhance every home and patio decor. Additionally, the benefits of gardening and tending to a living flower include stress relief, physical exercise, and a connection to nature that is healing.

Even a novice gardener can get enjoyment from a potted flower, if you select the right bloom. A hardy and easy-going plant that can grow in almost any location, with relaxed light and water needs, is the perfect gift. Geranium Rozanne® is such a plant, and her easy nature and laid-back attitude can compliment the busiest lifestyle, or the most inexperienced gardener. She also fits in quite well and will quickly endear herself to a more established garden, as well.


Potted Plants Are Economical

A flower bouquet from a trendy boutique can cost as much a three-course meal at a local neighbourhood restaurant. By gifting a living flower, you can splurge on the dinner, or a nice bottle of  wine, for your recipient. Even when you pick up a bouquet for a great price, a potted plant will be a more economical choice.


Living Flowers Are Eco-Friendly

Live plants are more environmentally friendly than a bouquet of flowers. Two-thirds of cut flowers are grown in South America and Africa, and flown by jet to flower shops around the rest of the world. Refrigeration is required to sustain these cut blooms, which are often delivered by vans once they have become bouquets. You can save the tremendous energy and fuel that goes into a bouquet by choosing a more eco-friendly living plant instead.

Living plants naturally remove carbon dioxide and produce oxygen during the day. Many blooms, like Rozanne, attract bees that can pollinate vegetables and fruit. When you water a living plant, the water is being used to support plant growth; a vase of water for a bouquet is only slightly extending the time until the blooms wilt and fall.


Flowers are the perfect way to show someone you are thinking of them. Giving a live plant communicates so much––you care about their health, their happiness, and the planet you both share.



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