4 Tips for Planting Geranium Rozanne®

When easy, no-fuss gardening appeals to you, Geranium Rozanne® is the perfect plant to add beauty and greenery to your home with little effort. Here are some Geranium Rozanne planting tips!

Put Geranium Rozanne to work in your garden:

Tip 1: Choosing a Location for Geranium Rozanne

While Geranium Rozanne loves to sunbathe, she will happily reside in a partial shade area of your garden as well. You can place her in almost any location outside of your home and watch her grow with ease. Rozanne is an outdoorsy girl, however, and will not do well grown inside. If you want her to give you her full spectrum of vibrant growth and beautiful blooms, place her in an outdoor location where she will get full sun.


Tip 2: How to Water Rozanneplanting geranium rozanne

One of the best parts of bringing Rozanne into your garden is her no-fuss, easy going water needs. She will happily adjust to nearly any water schedule you offer her. When you first place Rozanne in her new home, give her a good soak. While she establishes herself into your garden, she would prefer a steady watering schedule that keeps her soil moist, but not soaked. Once she has made herself at home, Rozanne is very tolerant, and you can water her as you’d like.


Tip 3: Choosing Soil for Rozanne

Rozanne is tough, and you can plant her in a variety of soil conditions in the garden. Neutral, slightly acidic or alkaline soil will have her growing with confidence. The one thing you can do for Rozanne is to be sure her soil is well draining.


While she enjoys a good drink, Rozanne would prefer not to sit in wet soil all day. If you still have water puddles collecting in your garden 5 to 6 hours after a good rainfall, select a different location for her. Should you really want to give Rozanne a treat, consider adding organic material such as compost or peat moss to her soil.


Tip 4: Rozanne Loves Containers

The easiest way to welcome Rozanne into your garden is to plant her in a container. You can rearrange your container as you please, inviting Rozanne to your garden parties and get togethers, or moving her closer to the sun when the weather begins to cool.


Container gardening with Rozanne is simple. Choose a container with sturdy sides and a drainage hole in the bottom. You can choose any style container you’d like, as long as she has a bit of room to grow. The ideal size container is at least 40 cm (16 inches) in diameter. Fill your container with potting soil, plant Rozanne into her new home, and secure her in place with a bit more soil. Give her a drink, and voila! Rozanne is ready to give you the satisfaction of beautiful blooms and vigorous growth with minimum attention or fuss.


Geranium Rozanne is the perfect easygoing addition to your garden and home. Her gregarious growth and vibrant blooms will look like you spend hours a day tending to her, but you and she both know that the smallest of attention is all she needs. I hope these Geranium Rozanne planting tips help make your garden glow!

If you’re not able to go garden shopping locally, there are also options for buying online. Click here to see a list of online suppliers of Geranium Rozanne and Friends® varieties!