5 Flower Craft Ideas You Can Do This Weekend

Feeling crafty? Look no further than your own garden for the inspiration that you can do with fresh flowers this weekend. Liven up your outdoor garden space, add special touches for your forth coming outdoor party or celebration, or just bring a touch of the outdoors inside with these five flower craft ideas.


Garden Chandelier

Turn up the glamour in your garden with a garden chandelier. For this idea, you can purchase a chandelier, reuse an existing one, or go on a hunt for previously owned chandelier at your favourite flea market or charity shop. A garden chandelier is the perfect way to transform your outdoor space into a truly special place for a garden party, outdoor wedding, or just to add some magic to your garden.


  • You will need a chandelier, terra cotta pots and saucers, waterproof glue, plumber’s epoxy putty, flowers or plants, potting compost, an “S” hook for hanging, and spray paint (optional).
  • After removing the electrical wiring and any plastic candles or light bulbs from the chandelier, attach the pots with epoxy and glue. A coat of paint will unify the look. Be sure to let it dry before you start planting. After you have planted flowers in each pot, water and hang the garden chandelier somewhere for you to enjoy.

Flower Crown5 Flower Craft Ideas You Can Do This Weekend

A flower crown can be a romantic hairpiece for a wedding, a celebratory accessory for a garden or outdoor party, the perfect dress-up piece for a tea party with your daughter, or a wonderfully romantic way to express yourself for any reason. The same flower crown instructions could be modified to make a fresh flower bracelet, necklace, or anklet as well.


  • You will need thick wire, thin beading wire, floral tape or ribbon, and a selection of freshly cut flowers and foliage. Combine flowers of different shapes, sizes, and colours for a fun effect.
  • Twist the thick wire into a circle just slightly larger than your head. Start by attaching your foliage with the beading wire, then go back over and begin attaching your blooms, largest to smallest. Use floral tape or ribbon as you’d like for different effects.


Flower Mirror

Mirror, mirror, on the wall… who is the most vibrant bloom of them all? Once you have mastered the flower crown, take your technique to the next level and create a Flower Mirror. A fresh flower mirror is a beautiful way to bring the beauty of blooms inside for a special occasion, or to add a level of drama when used in your outside space.


  • You will need a round mirror, floral wire, floral tape, binder clips, buckets, and a selection of freshly cut flowers. Again, a combination of flower shapes and sizes will add more appeal. You can go for a complimentary colour scheme, or pick one colour: Geranium Rozanne® and her vibrant blue blooms would look stunning paired with Globe Thistles, Blue Iris, and Blue Delphiniums.
  • Create your wire circle slightly smaller than the mirror itself, and attach the blooms largest to smallest. Binder clips are a genius way to attach the floral wreath to the mirror, and make it easy to remove once the blooms begin to wilt.


Floral Bookmark

Using pressed flowers to create paper-based ideas is a timeless tradition with unlimited uses. You can make stationery paper, gift tags, wrapping paper, book covers, or a beautiful blooming Floral Bookmark.


  • The conventional method of pressing blooms involves pressing them between heavy books on absorbent paper and patiently waiting for a week to 10 days. You can press flowers in a microwave oven, however, in just a few minutes time; a method which will better preserve flower hues and colours.
  • Once you have placed your pressed blooms on your bookmark, use self sealing laminating pouches to preserve your craft for many reading adventures to come. Rozanne is a big fan of mysteries and biographies, so feel free to use her bright blooms for this flower craft.


Picture Frame Flower Planter

When your flea market finds include a breathtaking picture frame, turn it into the ultimate Picture Frame Flower Planter. Rozanne takes particularly well to this sort of creative container gardening, and she loves to encourage you to express yourself in your outdoor space.


  • You will need a large frame, a piece of mesh, a piece of plywood cut to the size of your mirror, plants, and potting soil.
  • Attaching mesh to the inside of your frame will keep your plants from falling out, and attaching the plywood to the back will keep your soil in place. After you have planted your blooms and filled the frame with soil, leave it flat on its back for a few weeks to allow the plants to take root.


When the inspiration to create something beautiful and special strikes, your garden is there to offer nature’s most vivid supplies. Don’t be afraid to use Rozanne in your favourite flower craft creations, she is always happy to donate her blooms for a creative endeavour.