5 Great Gifts for Gardeners

Be it a birthday, holiday, or for no reason other than to show your appreciation for a friend, gardeners give the best gifts. And, since birds of a feather garden together, there is a good chance a garden-loving friend will appear on your gift-giving list soon.

Here are 5 great gifts for gardeners of all ages.

Mix Practical with Beautiful

A hand-crafted gift basket is a lovely gift that really shows you care. To create the ultimate gift basket, mix together practical items with beautiful items. All gardeners can use more practical tools such as gardening gloves, knee pads, pruners, watering cans, and Wellies. Pick a few of these and mix them with some beautiful items, such as packets of heirloom seeds, a hardcover garden book, personalized pinny, garden sculpture, or birdhouse.

Creative Containers

great gifts for gardeners

Container gardening is not just for flat living, it is an excellent way to infuse creativity and mobility into any garden. Some flowers, like Geranium Rozanne®, look even more beautiful and dramatic in a container. To give the gift of a container to your favorite gardener, think outside of the ceramic pot. Clever container ideas can be found everywhere, from old wheelbarrows to single shoes. Let the personality and personal style of your recipient guide you to finding creative vessels to use as gardening containers. 

Compost Bin

Only a truly serious gardener would give the gift of a compost bin, but it would be a gift that is well received. A small bin for the kitchen or a larger bin for the garden are both practical gifts. Take it even further and have a bag or truckload of compost delivered! Don’t worry, your gardener will love you for it.

Give Plants, Not Flowers

Gardeners are rarely on the receiving end of a bouquet of flowers, preferring instead to receive an actual living plant that will proceed to bloom flowers of its own. Resist the temptation to deliver a bouquet, and gift your favorite gardener with a beautiful bloom. May we suggest Geranium Rozanne? She is a well-liked beauty that can be grown and appreciated by gardeners of every skill level.

Tickets or Memberships

Gardening is a lifestyle that extends far beyond the backyard. Give the gardener in your life the gift of tickets, season passes, or memberships to the beautiful gardens in your area. Public gardens, conservation groups, plant societies, and arboretums are all wonderful places to seek a gift for your favorite gardener.


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