5 Quick Tips For A Successful Geranium Rozanne® In Winter

winter care for perennials 3Cold, rain, snow, sleet, wind and frost. It’s wintertime. Whether you love the winter weather or simply loathe it, it is an important time for the perennials in your garden.

While it may seem like nothing is going on in your garden during these cold wintery days, a lot is happening underneath the soil. Plants start to prepare for dormancy before the frost comes and winter gives perennials a chance to rest before they can bloom again come spring. Under all the soil, your perennials are growing roots, leaning on the nutrients and moisture from the ground.

Lucky for you, Rozanne® doesn’t require a lot of maintenance to prepare for winter. Just a few simple steps will help make sure she comes back blooming beautifully in the spring.

Here are 5 tips to keep your Geranium Rozanne healthy in the winter.

1. Properly Prune Her

Don’t cut Geranium Rozanne back to the ground. Her foliage becomes a warm blanket that covers and protects her through the winter months. Rozanne will hide quietly away and emerge victorious when the frost is gone and the spring greets us once more.

winter care for perennials 12. Clean Around Her And Add Mulch

Remove any dead leaves near or on Rozanne by running your hands through the plant. If you see mouldy or wet leaves, remove these as well. Adding mulch will provides extra protection in winter.

3. Let Her Rest

Rozanne doesn’t need a lot of fuss during the winter months. Simply give her a good layer of mulch in late autumn and let her hibernate for the winter. The mulch will protect her from the frosts.

winter-care-for-perennials4. If She’s In A Container, Move Her

If your Rozanne is already planted in a container, then you can move her to a sunroom or an area that will get partial sun during the day and move her to a shed or other structure when it gets cold or windy. 

5. Don’t Stress!

Rozanne is a tough cookie and will come back to showcase her beautiful colours in the spring. If you live in an especially cold area, you can over-winter Rozanne by removing her from your garden. This isn’t necessary as she is a hardy plant that can handle the harsher months of winter quite well, but is still an option. After all, her durability is just one of the many reasons why she is so adored!

Just five simple tips and you’re ready to relax by your fireplace as your garden rests outside. This winter, you can appreciate a break from all your hard work outdoors. How do you prepare your perennials for the winter? Show us a picture on Instagram or Facebook with the #geranumrozanne on how you prepare your garden for the winter.