6 Easy Ideas for Decorating with Succulents

Still working on that Instagram-worthy interior? To complement your ever-cool air plants, we have another great idea for decorating with plants: bring on the indoor succulents! These drought-resistant plants have been trendy for the past year or so, and for good reason—they’re very easy to care for, look awesome, and they are perfect for small spaces.

Indoor succulents

So, if you’re tired of trying to keep up with watering your houseplants, cast your eyes towards the below ideas for decorating with succulents.

6 Easy Ideas for Decorating with Indoor Succulents

Tabletop Terrariums

Whether you work at home or just have some lonely table space, a terrarium is a great decorating idea. Not only are these succulent displays fun, but they are totally customizable, giving you lots of options. Making your own terrarium means picking out a few of your favorite succulent varieties and creating a habitat for them using rocks, potting soil, and a thin layer of activated charcoal. It’s basically a big mix of colorful succulents all in one arrangement—very fun to make and look at!  Follow these steps to make your own terrarium.


Indoor succulentsDIY Succulent Table

Take your relationship with these low-fuss plants to the next level, and make your own table with a built-in planter running down the middle! You can use any recycled wood you might have lying around. Just follow this tutorial to make this very cool piece of furniture, and get ready for all your friends to obsess over it.


Indoor succulentsHanging Bubbles

Instead of letting your succulents take center stage on a tabletop, why not give them a great view hanging from the ceiling? You can also make your own smaller hanging terrariums by planting a succulent in a hanging glass globe that has an opening. For a more interesting look, hang a few of these globes in various sizes to create a hanging succulent collection. You will get tons of compliments—trust us.


Powder Room Tray

Spruce up your master bathroom or the guest bathroom with a little natural influence. Here’s what you do: Get a rectangular tray you like, fill it with the right potting mixture, plant one cute succulent in the corner, then top it with pebbles or stones. The rest of the space in the tray can now be used to display hand soap, lotions, and any other zen powder room must-haves. Your succulent will instantly soften the space and make it welcoming.


Indoor succulentsSouthwest Style

Along with succulents’ recent popularity has come a resurgence of warm southwestern style interiors. If you go crazy over a beautifully patterned pillow or rust colours and natural textures, then you should bring some southwestern succulents into your home. These include cacti and aloe plants. And, remember the bonus about aloe’s leaves—the gel inside is full of healing properties!


Indoor succulentsSucculent Shelving

To keep your little plants away from high traffic areas, or, perhaps, a curious pet, consider decorating your wall with succulents. You can purchase wall planters that look like reclaimed wood shelves, meaning you’re accomplishing aesthetic while you bring life to your interior. See what Etsy has to offer, or try to replicate the look on your own—getting crafty is always fun.


So, are you ready to decorate with indoor succulents or what?! While you’re in the mood to plant new things, why not join Rozanne’s Inner Circle to see what other tips she has?