6 Genius Gift Ideas for the Garden Lover

It’s officially the giving season, and if you’ve got a gardener on your list, you’re probably racking your brain trying to come up with creative yet useful gifts. What do you get a gardener who seemingly has everything? If you’ve exhausted last year’s gardener gift guide, seen all the gardening subscription boxes, and you’re hitting a roadblock in your gifting ideas, we’ve got some unique and creative presents to treat the horticulture lover that are actually affordable. Oh, and if you want to treat yourself to these fab finds, we won’t tell! Scout’s honor.

gift ideas for gardeners

Creative Gift Ideas for Gardeners

Are you ready to claim your fame as the best gift-giver known to mankind? OK, maybe we’re exaggerating, but don’t tell us we didn’t warn you when you gift these thoughtful things and end up being praised all year long!

Apple Tree-To-Be Kit

Gardeners know that one of the best parts of the hobby is not only getting to see plant growth but also getting to reap the rewards of that growth! Instead of just buying your green-thumbed giftee any ‘ole plant, why not get them an apple tree that will yield tasty fruits? For only $22, this Apple Tree-To-Be Kit contains seeds harvested from Ralls Janet heirloom apples, which ripen in October. It also comes with a cute aluminum tag for your giftee to personalize his or her burgeoning orchard. This gift will keep on giving for years!

Original Stepping Stones

We love the idea of adding art to your outdoor respite, and artisanal stepping stones are a thoughtful way to spruce up the garden. Many gardeners won’t think of buying stepping stones themselves, so when they open your beautiful gift, you’ll be one step closer to becoming a gift extraordinaire. Check Etsy for truly one-of-a-kind stepping stones to match your giftee’s garden style.

Festive Ways to Use the Fruits of Their Labor

For many who spend time tending to their plants, sharing the wealth is one of the best parts about it. And, surely, they want a little reason to show-off. Help them make the most of their bounties with this Edible Cocktails recipe book (~$13), giving them endless ways to use their herbs and fruits. Just make sure you’re invited to the garden-to-glass soiree!

Themed Jewelery

The gardening-obsessed woman will fawn over adorable themed jewelery. Depending on your giftee’s favorite garden tool or particular taste, you can search on Etsy for the perfect piece of bling. For example, look at all these gorgeous shovel necklaces, some complete with personalized monogram charms as well! Also consider buying a garden-themed charm for the person who’s forever collecting new additions for her charm bracelet. Genius!

Some TLC for Those Talented (and Maybe Tired) Hands

Specifically created to soothe the skin of gardeners’ hands, Crabtree & Evelyn’s 60-Second Fix for Hands is a godsend. Ranging in price from $14 (mini) to $39 (standard size), this gift could easily be used as either a stocking stuffer or a main event. Using shea butter formula and macadamia nut oil, the product cleanses, exfoliates, and preps skin, soothing hands and restoring softness.

Inspiration for the New Year

Lastly, we suggest casting your gardener’s eyes to the near future—2018! Surely he or she will have gardening goals to tackle, so why not help out with some inspiration? Give the beautiful “Outstanding American Gardens” book to spark some motivation. Plus, if you buy in hardcover, it can double as a conversation-starting coffee table book, perfect for the gardener who loves to entertain. (For more book ideas, see our reading suggestions for gardeners here.)


If you think hard enough, there are truly endless ways to gift the gardener in your life this holiday season. Even if you’re hoping to give something useful, there are great, handy gifts that will help your resident horticulturist make the most of their dirt-digging.

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