6 Things You Learned in Kindergarten That Will Make You a Better Gardener

It may seem like it was a long time ago, but kindergarten was one of those golden moments that provided the foundation for who you’ve grown into today. For many little ones, kindergarten is the first place you find friends, your first thirst for learning, and the first time you learn some of the most valuable life lessons that ring true no matter your age.

better gardener kindergartener

Take a step back into time with us and remember those good ‘ol days. You were probably taught many things that you still use today—you just don’t realize it! Specifically speaking, many of those life lessons you learned can definitely make you a better gardener in your later seasons of life. Is it a coincidence that the word “kindergarten” is essentially a mix of “kid” and “garden?” We think not.

Keep these timeless kindergarten lessons in mind next time you tend to your green friends.

Sharing is caring

The thrill of gardening is the fact you’re able to enjoy the fruits of your labors. Whether you’re growing a crop of delicious veggies or even just some stunning flowers, it’d be selfish of you not to spread the joy. Give your friends and family some of the surplus tomatoes you’ve harvested. Pass on some picked flowers to your lonely neighbor. Gardening is a wonderful hobby that can improve the moods of many people, not just your own!

This article reminds us that you can share your garden in many ways. You can share seeds, books, tools, and tips.

Clean Up After Yourself

Cleaning up your mess doesn’t only apply to a crayon massacre. Your garden likes to stay nice and tidy, and it will help you to remember to always clean up after yourself. Pick up any dead leaves, trim your plants, deadhead ailing plants, and rake around your landscape. A clean garden is a happy garden, and just like kindergarten, no one is going to clean up for you.

The Golden Rule

Otherwise known as “treat others as you would like to be treated.” Your plants are living beings and thus need love and care to survive (just like you). Would you want your caretaker to neglect you and forget to feed you? Of course not! Remember to treat your plants as the living beings they are and water, feed, and care for them just like you would want to be cared for.

Use Your Imagination

Never stop dreaming! A sense of imagination in the garden is much more important than you might realize. Fostering creativity will allow you to make your garden a beautiful oasis, constantly bringing in new plants and challenging yourself to care for unfamiliar varieties. Maybe one day you’ll want to create a cottage garden, or perhaps you’re ready to play with colour on your borders. There are so many possibilities to be harnessed while gardening, and all it takes is a little imagination.

Listen To Others

Listening is an age-old personality trait that always pays off. Nobody likes the person who only talks about his or herself and never listens to others. Remember what your teachers told you and be sure to listen. Your plants will tell you when they are not happy or sick. Keep an eye on them, and when they tell you something’s wrong, take action before it’s too late. (Review how to care for Rozanne in autumn here.)


If only naptime translated through the rest of school years. *Sigh.* But this rule does still apply to your garden. Rest is imperative for all living beings, and plants are not an exception. Sometimes your garden needs time to enjoy their food and grow in peace. Every now and then, we don’t like to be patient, and we do too much to our plants, causing them stress and possibility killing them. Instead, make sure you’re only caring for your plant when it is ready for your care. Don’t overwater, over-fertilize, or over-prune. Your plants will thank you for the much-needed naptime. Trust us.

Who knew you and your children or grandchildren had so much in common?! Another important lesson: never stop learning. Stay garden-smart when you join Rozanne’s Inner Circle and get all the know-how you need for a successful garden.