7 Superb, Classic Blue Perennials for Your Garden

Did you know that 2020 was the year of “Classic Blue?” For the past two decades, global color guru Pantone® proclaimed a “Color of the Year”—and trend followers everywhere quickly updated their wardrobes and interior décor with splashes of the anointed “it” color. But why limit Pantone’s trending hue to scarves and throw pillows? Instead, add a bright burst of on-trend color to your garden with blue perennials. 2020 may be in the past (phew!) but blue is still a classic in the garden.

True-blue blooms often evade gardeners. It’s one of the colors that’s challenging to find, with blue flowers comprising only 10% of the blooms available. However, with a little research and a bit of direction, you can add trendy Classic Blue flowers to your garden for a cool burst of soothing color. Here are our favorite “Classic Blue” flowering perennials to update your beds, borders, and containers!

Polemonium caeruleum Brise d’Anjou

Jacob’s Ladder

Shade gardeners, rejoice! Brise d’Anjou brightens your shady spaces with gorgeous blooms and fabulous foliage. Beautiful blue flowers provide that pop of Pantone’s trendy color in your garden, but the elegant, vibrant, creamy variegated foliage steals the show for long-lasting interest. Plant this beauty in rich, humusy, consistently moist soil. Mix it into borders, feature it as a specimen, or add it to containers for lovely spring and summer color. Bees and butterflies will appreciate the Classic Blue blooms, too.

Geranium Rozanne®


Make your garden true blue from spring through first frost! As the world’s best-selling, most adored hardy geranium, Rozanne always inspires fashionable gardens—and she obviously served as the trend-setter for Pantone’s Color of 2020! Rozanne produces large, 2.5-inch saucer-shaped blue flowers with white centers. While the flowers create a gorgeous impact in beds, borders, containers, and hanging baskets, the foliage creates ongoing interest, too. The mounded, slightly marbled, deep-green foliage turns reddish-brown in the autumn for fall flare! Easy to grow and low maintenance, Rozanne’s brilliant blooms not only attract admiration from gardeners and trend-watchers, but bees and butterflies love her, too.

Campanula Blue WaterfallCampanula Bell Flower Blue Waterfall


Want to make sure your hanging baskets and containers celebrate the color of the new decade? Add Blue Waterfall to your design, and let its cascading habit create a gorgeous spill of Classic Blue blooms! The vigorous, low-growing, spreading habit makes it a perfect choice for front borders, rock gardens, or as a “spiller” in containers. The long bloom period keeps your beds and containers on-trend throughout the growing season!

Geranium ‘Eureka Blue’


Another hardy geranium that adds a perfectly beautiful blue to your garden, ‘Eureka Blue’ forms vigorous, bushy mounds, as opposed to the more spreading nature of Rozanne. Large, blue flowers bloom profusely in June and July, and the lush green, deeply cut foliage morphs into pretty red, autumn hues in the fall. Terrific for ongoing garden interest.

Geranium Blue Sunrise


Pantone Classic Blue meets equally trendy chartreuse foliage! Blue Sunrise’s nearly true-blue flowers with pale centers and delicate magenta venation create a gorgeous contrast against the glowing chartreuse leaves. The striking, bright foliage darkens and reddens in cool autumn nights, creating ongoing garden interest. The much-adored Blue Sunrise won a Royal Horticulture Society Award of Garden Merit and was a top trials-performing perennial at both Colorado State University and the Chicago Botanic Garden’s trial gardens.

Centaurea montana ‘Gold Bullion’

Bachelor Buttons

For years, the Classic Blue color of bachelor button blooms satisfied gardeners’ craving for blue additions to the garden. Now, imagine the bright delight of striking chartreuse foliage against blue flowers—it’s a trend-follower’s dream! The big, bold, high-wattage, green-gold leaves add terrific impact in borders, brightening garden beds, or as an eye-catching addition to containers. The electric-blue blooms form on upright stems in late spring and continue to shine throughout summer. This Classic Blue blooms make a gorgeous addition to bouquets! As a result, it allows you to add a bit of fashionable color to your interior, too!

Eryngium ‘Big Blue’

Sea Holly

If you’re looking for a plant that embraces the Pantone Color of the Year from its flowers all the way to its stems, you’ve found it with ‘Big Blue’. A big, bold plant that makes an instant impact in any garden, ‘Big Blue’ adds fabulous architectural interest to beds, borders, and containers. The 4-inch, bright blue flowers bloom in early summer on thick, sturdy stems that sport the same pretty blue hue. The flowers perform beautifully in bouquets, adding a pretty pop of Classic Blue to interiors. 

Whether you’re quick to embrace Pantone’s Classic Blue trend or simply want to add a bit of blue color to your garden for a refreshingly cool feel on hot summer days, you’ll love the bright burst of blooms of our on-trend perennials. 

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