Say Hello to Rozanne®

Geranium Rozanne® is the easy-to-grow garden plant that’s taken the world by storm. Adorned with gorgeous purple flowers all through the summer – and beyond – she’s a long-blooming colourful delight that needs very little attention to thrive. Although she does get plenty of it both from bees and from human admirers!

Rozanne grows well for everybody everywhere, no matter how good or bad you are at gardening. That’s why everybody from horticulture experts and world-renowned garden designers to the millions of everyday people who have already encountered her love her so much.

Ready to see ROZANNE

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Fall in Love with Rozanne

Since introduction in 2000, Rozanne has become one of the world’s most desirable garden plants, not just for her distinctive good looks (which last all summer and beyond), but also for her easy-going nature, which means you don’t have to keep fussing over her to experience her at her best.

Rozanne is the perfect plant for every location. While so many plants get picky about the weather, this highly attractive lady is a tough cookie who thrives in all kinds of conditions. She requires little attention to grow well, yet commands plenty of it with her bright, bee-friendly flowers.

Enjoy Rozanne at home, at the office, and in public gardens. Rozanne can be grown in the border, in patio containers, and in hanging baskets; she’s also perfect for mass landscaping.

More About Geranium Rozanne®

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