Winning Qualities

Rozanne’s Looks

Adored by Leading Garden Designers

Rozanne® is easily recognised by her 6cm violet-blue flowers with distinctive white centres and purple veins. The plant grows to about 50cm high and spreads to about 70cm across. It has a mounding to sprawling habit, depending on local conditions.

As with all natural things, these dimensions may vary!

With her attractive colour, good density of flowers and consistent long-lasting performance, it’s no wonder that Rozanne is extremely highly regarded by many of the world’s most respected plants people and garden designers. Her reliability and versatility has led to her becoming a prominent feature in numerous renowned public gardens.

Rozanne’s Durability

Stronger and Longer Flowering

Among the many hundreds of Hardy Geraniums that exist, Rozanne is a truly exceptional plant. While most can only be expected to flower for one to two months, Rozanne reliably keeps on going from late spring until the first hard Autumn frosts. No other Geranium even comes close!

Rozanne is also exceptionally strong and healthy. While she naturally prefers not to be neglected, she can survive a far wider range of conditions than other Hardy Geraniums from drought to deluge, from humid to dry, from heat to cool, and from sunny to cloudy. No matter what soil type you have or what climate you live in, Rozanne takes it in her stride.

It’s this unique combination of attributes that’s made Rozanne the most celebrated, most awarded and the biggest selling perennial garden plant of all time.

Rozanne’s Authenticity

Guaranteed Genuine

When you buy Geranium Rozanne, you are assured of a plant that is directly derived from the original Rozanne® plant. This ensures your Rozanne has exactly the same DNA and world-beating qualities as her reputation promises.

Propagation and distribution of Geranium Rozanne is a tightly controlled process. Only a few highly skilled professionals are permitted to mass-produce plants for the commercial marketplace. Every year, they have to revert to the “mother plant” to obtain their propagation material, so that all derivatives are very closely related to the original Rozanne.

A licensing and royalty system tracks the progress of plants through the supply chain, ensuring complete authenticity. As the horticulture industry is a very close-knit community that values its heritage, any attempts to bypass these controls are easily identified and dealt with. Rozanne is a unique, high-quality plant with distinctive attributes. We guarantee that.