Meet the Anemones—Stunning, Simple Late Summer & Fall Flowers

One of the best things about a summer garden is all the colour and activity. You get to see Mother Nature in her brightest moments, with life buzzing all around. It’s no wonder summer gardens are proven to make people happier! If you love summer gardens as much as we do, you might be keen to add one more stunning summer flower to the mix.

Meet the Anemone family, which is full of pretty ladies. No, seriously! The family consists of varieties such as Pretty Lady Diana and Pretty Lady Emily. Don’t let the Anemones’ funny name fool you—these blooms produce delightful pink and white flowers that are sure to brighten any wilting late summer landscapes. These gorgeous flowers bloom in the late summer, making them the perfect last-minute addition to your warm-weather plot.

Why Add to My Summer Garden Halfway Through the Season?

anemonesAt the time of this post, we are halfway through summer. However, that doesn’t mean you have to stop adding to your summer garden! Some people may believe that summer is almost over, but if we’re being honest, summer usually lasts a little longer than you think it will. We have yet to creep into those hot late summer days, so you can enjoy gardening for just a bit longer. In Northern gardens, it is best to plant young plants in spring but flowering plants for sale now can be planted as long as proper practices are followed for good establishment. Southern gardens can be planted now into early fall.

The Anemone family has perfect flowers to fill those seasonal transitions in your garden. You may have summer flowers and you may have fall plants, but do you have something blooming from late summer into fall? Anemones’ blooming time is ideal for those looking to keep a true year-round garden. Plus, did we mention these blooms are really, really pretty?

What Companion Flowers Work Well With Anemones?

If you’re ready to add these blooms to your backyard, you may be wondering where they can fit in. Luckily, we’ve previously covered the best companion flowers for Anemones in containers, meaning you can have a happy late summer garden in no time. These flowers work best paired with their companion plants either in beds or along borders. Good companion plants for Anemones include a mix of both fall-flowering plants and ornamental grasses.

How Do I Care for Anemones?

anemonesYou’ll see these blooms’ brightest petals from August to November, giving them a nice, long blooming period. They are also deer-resistant and attract butterflies—what other qualities could you ask for in a plant? Low-maintenance, perhaps? Well, the Anemones share that quality, too. To care for these pretty ladies and ensure they show off during their entire blooming period, below are the best care practices for the Anemone family:

  • Plant in full sun in northern gardens (Zone 5), light to partial shade in southern gardens (Zone 7)
  • Hardy down to -25F/-29c (coldest location recommended is US Hardiness Zone 5)
  • Keep soil well-drained
  • No need to remove dead heads until spring since they can provide winter interest
  • Leave foliage in place to nourish the plants after they flower
  • However in the North, plants blacken and become unsightly after the first frost in early winter so shear plants to ground if desired

Where Can I Buy Anemones?

Bring these beauties home ASAP—you can buy Anemone varieties through any of these various vendors. You can also check out your local nursery to see if they carry them.

We hope your Anemones turn out thriving and lovely! To receive even more great gardening advice like this, join Rozanne’s Inner Circle–that’s where all the true plant lovers hang out.