Get Tech Savvy: Apps For Planning Your Garden

Well before the first rays of sunlight filter through the trees to warm our frosty winter gardens, the avid gardener has been plotting and planning the perfect design for their lush spring garden.

And thanks to some of the latest smart technology, it’s easier than ever for creative landscapers and eager gardening enthusiasts to design the best ways to incorporate Geranium Rozanne® into the garden with all the other beloved plants before the planting season begins. Smart phone and tablet apps have been popping up with tons of great solutions for garden planning and design.

Here are 3 of the best apps for planning your garden:

Perennial Match

If you are most concerned with pairing the perfect plants together, check out the Perennial Match app. Before you even put your hands on a spade you can see exactly which other perennial plants will compliment and look best with your Geranium Rozanne come spring.

Perennial Match lets you compare as many as three different types of cost effective perennials from a long list of options for a side by side glance at your future garden. Look at hardiness, water requirements, colour, size, and more, all in one glance.

iscapeapps for planning your garden

This free app lets you imagine a design for your garden with the touch of a finger. Available for iOs and Android, you don’t have to wait anymore, or wonder if all the plants you want will actually fit into the space you have.

iScape lets you insert physical structures such as fences and walkways, mark your designs with reference text, and save for later if you decide to change your design.

Garden Designer

It doesn’t get much easier than the Garden Designer app. If you haven’t downloaded this simple, easy to use planning tool for your next landscape project, try it out and see just how easy it can be to plan the garden of your dreams.

Plan your garden space easily with insertable objects, and get just the visual effect you want by changing the colours of your plants on a tablet or smartphone before you plant them permanently. Garden Designer has a simple to use interface, yet includes advanced tools like depth intelligence, which automatically puts items such as a lawn logically underneath items such as trees, even if the lawn is added after the tree in the diagram.

Make your next gardening project easy with a well thought out plan. Any of these gardening apps will make it easier and more fun than ever to plan out the perfect garden!



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