Are You Making These 3 Common Gardening Mistakes?

With the best of intentions we start each spring hoping for the perfect garden. Have you ever found yourself mid summer wondering where you went wrong? If you answered yes, then you are not alone. Every year hundreds of well meaning gardening enthusiasts set out with just a spade and a dream, hoping to beautify their surroundings just a little, only to find their hopes dashed because they made one of the three top gardening faux pas. Avoid the following common gardening mistakes faux pas to prevent ending up like them.

1. Not labelling plants3 common gardening mistakes

Do yourself a favour and label the seeds you sow. Finding yourself in the middle of winter next year wondering where those perennials were exactly…that’s not somewhere you want to find yourself. Aside from remembering where you planted last spring, you can also keep track of which seedlings are which during the early days when many plants look exactly the same. Labelling young plants ensures that you will water, fertilise, and care for each plant according to what they each need.

2. Having unrealistic expectations

Especially if this is your first year planting a vegetable or flower garden, try not to overdo it. The dream of having a large and thriving garden is a lofty goal, and as any experienced gardening expert will tell you, a LOT of work. Some plants are easier than others to grow too, so having a go at a small number of a variety of plants will allow you to test the waters and see how much you really have time to commit to.

3. Planting the wrong thing

Be sure to read up on the plants you intend to grow and make sure they are suited to your garden and climate. Some plants sprawl wide and low, and can take over entire areas of the garden that you would rather they didn’t. Other plants require a lot of water, or more sunlight than your garden provides. Read the labels, choose what best aligns with your space, climate and goals and then decide which of those you want to plant.


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