4 Fabulous Deer-Resistant Perennials

Do you plant for wildlife? If you’re like most gardeners, you love watching hummingbirds pause for a sip of nectar, bees gathering pollen, and butterflies flitting among the flowers. Sometimes, though, adorable garden visitors turn into bullies, destroying beloved plants and wreaking havoc on your landscape. Even if you’re a wildlife advocate, what animals do […]

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10 Top Perennials for a Cutting Garden

Gardeners love beds filled with beautiful blooms, but many of us also adore bringing flowers inside to fill our homes with fragrance and color. While the locally-grown movement inspires fresh food raised in backyard gardens, it also led to the “garden-to-vase” trend—creating pretty, practical cutting gardens filled with seasonal blooms to fill vases throughout the […]

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geranium pelargonium zonal

3 Steps for a Perfect Spring Container Garden

After a long winter, spring’s arrival makes gardeners giddy. We’re ready to race outside, get our hands in the dirt, and create gorgeous gardens! However, for many areas, snow and freezing temperatures continue well past March 20, and the soil remains frozen. What’s an eager gardener to do? Plant a container garden! While tender annuals […]

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Hummingbird Pollinator Garden

9 Perfect Perennials for Pollinators

Lovely, lush, beautifully designed gardens offer a great escape to relax and unwind–but nothing adds more tranquility to a garden than watching butterflies flit from flower to flower. If you’re a fan of pollinators (and who isn’t?), try adding pollinator-friendly perennials to your garden design plan. You’ll increase your garden pleasure even more when surrounded […]

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10 Inspiring Urban Gardenscapes From Around The World

Whether a restaurant owner is growing herbs indoors to have fresh ingredients or a family is growing a garden on their patio, urban gardening is a unique, challenging and fun way to get maximum gardening in minimum space. City dwellers living without backyards or land get creative with the space they have so that they […]

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Quaint cottage garden

Geranium Care: 3 Fixes When your Growing goes Wrong

There’s no such thing as a perfect garden or a perfect gardener. Even the most experienced growers come across uncooperative plants and need a little help troubleshooting from time to time. And while geraniums are typically an ideal flower due to their low maintenance, every now and then they may need a little extra care […]

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Get a Jump on Your Spring Garden with these Top Wintering Tips

Many gardeners find themselves chomping at the bit during these winter months. The inclement weather makes it nearly impossible to get outside and work in your garden, but your gardening desires aren’t weaning away. We have compiled this list for you. Here are some things that you can do while your plants are dormant, so […]

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How to Prune your Hardy Geraniums

Hardy geraniums are known as the true perennial geranium, adored by gardeners everywhere because of how much they give compared to how much care they require. Hardy geraniums, such as Rozanne®, grow in most climates, take shade and sun in stride and often produce beautiful blooms until the first frost. Here’s How To Prune Your […]

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Mark your Calendars! Rozanne’s list of Holidays for Gardeners

The holiday season is so fun and festive. But why should December get all the love and attention? Rozanne loves to celebrate all year long, which is why she compiled this list of gardening holidays in 2017. Grab your gardening friends and let’s rejoice in our favourite hobby by celebrating it throughout the year! Plant […]

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6 Cozy Cocktails from the Plants in your Garden

‘Tis the season to cosy up to the fireplace with a drink in your hand. Whether you’re staying in for the night or hosting a holiday soiree, these garden cocktails are the perfect addition to your night! Take your party to the next level with one of these signature drinks. Pineapple and Rosemary Crush Pineapple symbolises […]

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