4 Great Subscription Boxes for Gardeners

Subscription boxes are the latest way to try out different products based on your hobbies and interests. These boxes are delivered directly to you on a recurring basis and include various kinds of products. Ordering a subscription box for yourself or for a friend is a fun, easy and convenient way to try new products […]

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Cottage garden

Should I Plant A Cottage Garden?

Cottage gardens burst and overwhelm with their colours and foliage. They aren’t stuffy or stingy and they certainly don’t lack in abundance. Cottage gardens are informal and quaint. Flowers flow freely out of containers and climbing plants tumble down the very fences that mean to contain them. Herbs and flowers look as if they have […]

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repel slugs

What Can I Do About Slugs in my Garden?

Have you heard that slugs can eat double their body weight in one day? Not only are slugs unappealing, they can also wreak havoc and destroy gardens by chomping away at leaves, fruits and vegetables. Imagine all the trouble and hard work you have put into your garden ruined at the mouths of slugs. Rozanne […]

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seasonal pruning geranium

When should I buy Geranium Rozanne?

Plan Part of planning your garden is knowing the right time to buy your plants. After you have researched which garden zone you live in, sketched your garden layout and decided which plants you want to highlight your outdoor space, all that’s left to do is to buy and plant! You’ve heard of all the benefits […]

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deer resistant plants

Deer resistant plants for your garden

Deer can wreak havoc on gardens more than any other animal. In minutes, they can wipe out all the work you have put into your outdoor space. We love our wildlife, but would like to keep them in the wild, not in our lovely gardens. Rozanne® has some tips on how to keep deer away, […]

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Gorgeous moon garden

What is a Moon Garden?

As the hot days of summer wind down and temperatures top the thermometer, now is the perfect time to spend time after hours in your outdoor space. You can enjoy your garden in the cool dusk with a moon garden. What is a Moon Garden? A moon garden is a garden that is designed to […]

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Summer Care for Geranium Rozanne®

By now, you’ve likely already planned your summer garden and are enjoying your outdoor space. Proper care of Rozanne® will keep her happy and thriving throughout the season. These tips will help you care for Rozanne in the different conditions that come with Summer. Here’s How To Care For Geranium Rozanne In The Summer: Dry […]

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english garden look

Veggies vs. Flowers: Which Type Of Summer Garden Is For You?

When planning out your summer garden, you’ll want to decide whether to incorporate vegetables, flowers, or a little of each. Both vegetable gardens and flower gardens have pros and cons to them and each type of garden comes with its own risks and rewards. Find out more below to discover which garden type is right […]

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top 4 tips for perennials this summer

Top 4 Tips For Your Perennials this Summer

Perennial flowers are wonderful for summertime, because you do the labour of planting them once and they come back for multiple seasons. While annuals tend to last a bit longer in the season, they must be replanted each year. Perennials typically have shorter blooming seasons than annuals, so gardeners will often pair the two together […]

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