Autumn Care for Geranium Rozanne®

Autumn is a lovely time to enjoy the outdoors and all of the Autumn colours and foliage. It is also a critical time in Rozanne®’s growth. She still may be showing off some of her beautiful blooms into early Autumn, but, depending on your garden zone, the weather may quickly turn and you’ll want to make sure to get her ready for winter.


autumn season


Have no fear! Rozanne is still a low-maintenance girl. She just needs a little TLC to stay happy and healthy throughout the season.

Here’s how to care for Geranium Rozanne in Autumn:

How much sun?

Rozanne does well in full sun and in partial shade. She typically likes to have about 5 to 6 hours of sun per day, though that number can fluctuate, depending on your gardening zone. Planting Rozanne in full shade could result in a leggy plant that could become thin as she tries to find brighter conditions. So make sure she has some sun throughout the day.


How to prune?

Pruning Rozanne is not necessary but can be done to keep her looking fresh as winter draws near. Her sprawling foliage will begin to fade around the edges, but don’t worry, she is still alive. If you want to give her a little tidy-up, simply work your way around the the plant, cleaning up the edges and encouraging fresh growth.


Move to a Container?

autumn seasonIf you live in an especially cold garden zone, where you experience the ground freezing for long periods, consider transferring Rozanne to a container and moving her to a more sheltered spot. This is more of a nice-to-do because Rozanne is tough when it comes to cold. Those who live in a more mild climate don’t need to worry about moving her from her comfortable home in the ground.

As trees began to change colour, sit back and enjoy Rozanne’s blooms. This long blooming flower can continue to bloom through early November.


Have you captured a photo of your Rozanne this Autumn? Share your photos with us! Post a photo on Facebook and add the #geraniumrozanne or post it to Rozanne’s wall so she can see all the Autumn foliage that you are enjoying!