Beautiful Igloo Mums – Easy Autumnal Perennials

Igloo Mums are much more than their fun, frosty name. This mum family of varieties is a hardy, quintessential autumn garden addition—so it’s no wonder that these are some of Rozanne’s most popular friends right now! Plenty of internet users have been browsing our Igloo Mums page lately because a fall garden is basically remiss without some burnt orange Igloo Mums ushering in ultimate fall vibes.

Since people are so rightfully curious about these beautiful blooms, we figured we would formally introduce you.

Igloo mums

Meet the Igloo Mum

Professionally known as Dendranthema, an Igloo Mum is a little different than her other garden mum sisters. Unlike her kin, she can withstand some cold weather, hence her icy moniker. Of course, she does share the perennial gene—Igloo Mums bloom in June and again in September, so right now is truly the best time to bring some Igloo Mums into your autumn garden. They last well into the frost, so even if you’re a little late to the game, your Igloo Mums will tough it out for a while, bringing beautiful colour anywhere you place them. Plus, these flowers are deer-resistant (see other deer-resistant plants here), and they attract butterflies, so they’ve got all the right features for a happy garden.

Caring for Your Igloo Mums

So, you want to get some Igloo Mums to enhance your fall foliage? Good call. First, though, make sure you know what kind of maintenance your mums need:

  • USDA Hardiness Zones 4-9
  • Full sun
  • Well-drained soil
  • Moderate water
  • No need to pinch old flowers for new growth

Gorgeous Igloo Mum Varieties for Your Fall Garden

Igloo MumsIgloo Mums come in a variety of hues, making them extremely versatile for whatever colour scheme you’ve got going in your autumn landscape. You can choose from classic fall colours, like the ‘Pumpkin Igloo’, or you can try something more exotic, like the ‘Ice Pink Igloo’. You really can’t go wrong!

  • ‘Pumpkin Igloo’
  • ‘Warm Igloo’
  • ‘Ice Pink Igloo’
  • ‘Sundance Igloo’
  • ‘Frosty Igloo’
  • ‘Sunny Igloo’
  • ‘Cool Igloo’
  • ‘Icicle Igloo’
  • ‘Harvest Igloo’
  • ‘Snowy Igloo’
  • ‘Radiant Igloo’
  • ‘Firedance Igloo’
  • ‘Dainty Pink Igloo’
  • ‘Fireworks Igloo’
  • ‘Sizzling Igloo’

You can view all these varieties here. Put your Igloo Mums in container gardens, or plant them alongside pansies, cabbage, and kale for a full-blown fall spread.

Do you have Igloo Mums in your fall lineup? Let us know! Then, for more great seasonal gardening tips like these, make sure to join Rozanne’s Inner Circle, where you’ll get all the good stuff delivered right to your inbox.

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