Best Books for Gardeners: Rozanne’s Top 5 For Spring Reading

What are the best books for gardeners? When it’s cold and rainy outside, there’s nothing like curling up indoors with a good book. Oh, we know you’d rather be working in your lovely garden. However, when the weather won’t permit it, the next best thing is a book, fit for a gardener. Once the weather turns and the sun starts to shine, take your book outside to enjoy in your outdoor space!

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Here are some of Rozanne’s favourite books for gardeners.

The Plant Lover’s Guide to Hardy Geraniums

This book covers everything readers will need to introduce our favourite flower—hardy geraniums—into their outdoor space, including information on care, growth and design. Filled with stunning images and featuring 140 of the best species and cultivars, this comprehensive guide is perfect for the novice gardener to the gardening enthusiast.

The Cottage Garden

If the idea of planting a cottage garden is appealing, then Christopher Lloyd’s book is for you. This book discusses the history of these charming gardens and is full of images to inspire you. Readers agree its images, layout designs and maintenance tips will take you on an instant cottage garden getaway.

The Drunken Botanist

Do you love making cocktails from the fresh ingredients found in your garden? Then pick up a copy of this New York Times Bestseller. Author Amy Stewart explains the spices, herbs, fruits, trees and flowers that make the world’s greatest concoctions. Stewart includes recipes, the history of different kinds of alcohol and the plants that make them. In addition, she includes gardening tips and even a few anecdotes in this unique mixology guide.

The Garden Plot

The first edition in this six-book mystery series follows Texas native Pru Parke as she relocates and takes on small, private gardening jobs throughout London. When Parke finds a man’s corpse on one of her digs, the mystery begins. Marty Wingate’s well written story captivates readers and evokes the senses as they experience Parke’s day to day with her.

Grow Great Grub: Organic Food from Small Spaces

Urban gardeners rejoice! Even in limited space, you can grow your own delicious edibles. Author Gayla Trail shows urbanites how they can transform their balcony, patio, or even windowsill into a fresh garden that produces delicious, organic food. She includes instructions and tips on locations, keeping pests away and even canning and preserving techniques to make your food last even longer.


Do you have a favourite book you love to cosy up with while dreaming of the outdoors? Share your go-to read with us on Rozanne’s Facebook page to help keep us occupied until spring arrives.