Best Full Sun Perennials for Bright Landscapes

If your backyard is brimming with brightness, you’re probably on the lookout for some full-sun perennials to add to the space! Many gardeners love perennials because they come back year after year, whereas annuals usually need to be replaced once their season ends. Full-sun garden spots are prime areas to plant heat-loving perennials. Many of these sunbathers just happen to be stunning flowers as well, so you really can’t lose with full-sun perennials.

Full Sun Perennials

How to tell if a spot gets full sun

To determine whether you have any full-sun spots in your garden, keep an eye on the sun placement during the day. Are certain areas shadier because of house or tree shadows at different times of day? Consider these tips when evaluating sun exposure in your garden.

Which full-sun perennials should I plant?

Full Sun PerennialsThere are many beautiful varieties that love the sunlight. Some of our favourites also tend to be simple to care for, because nobody likes a plant they can’t keep alive! If you’re wondering which full-sun perennials you should add to your sunny spots, peek our picks below.

What are the best companion plants for full-sun perennials?

Because companion plantings relies pretty heavily on planning well, we wanted to give you some options for your full-sun perennials. Trust us, you don’t want to see what happens when planning goes wrong. When it comes to companion planting, remember that all the plants which share containers or spaces should have similar needs. Thus, you wouldn’t be a shade-loving perennial in the full sun. Additionally, good companion planting means there is a mix of slow and fast-growing plants. This way, the nutrients are not exasperated trying to feed a few vigorous plants. For more tips on companion planting for your full-sun perennials, this article has good information.

How do you care for flowers in full-sun spots?

Full Sun PerennialsYour job isn’t over once you plant your beautiful, sunbathing perennials, but it certainly becomes pretty easy. Some full-sun perennials will be more drought-tolerant than others, and some plants will behave differently depending on your garden zone. In very hot areas, be sure to keep an eye that the sun doesn’t dry out your perennials too much. In desert-like climates, some full-sun perennials may get burned. The care will differ based on the varieties you choose, but if you plant the above plants we recommended, you should have a pretty breezy time keeping them alive. Water the plants occasionally, and more often during dry spells. All your questions about perennials and fertilizer are answered here.

Where can I buy full-sun perennials?

Many of the varieties we mentioned above—Rozanne, Tickseed, Hibiscus, and Yarrows—can be purchased at the vendors listed here. Otherwise, check out your local nursery and ask a friendly face for “full-sun perennials”—he or she will help you find amazing perennials to brighten up your sunny spots.

There are a lot of reasons to love perennials for your garden—sun or no sun—and hopefully you gained some inspiration today. If you enjoyed this article, be sure to join Rozanne’s Inner Circle for even more gardening ideas and advice.