thanksgiving centerpiece

How to Create a Thanksgiving Centerpiece From Your Garden

Some people wait all year for autumn. And every year, this colourful season never ceases to amaze! Known for its stunning, showy foliage and harvest plants that are iconic enough to bring the taste of turkey and stuffing to your tongue, autumn is loved by many people for plenty of reasons. And, speaking of turkey, […]

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garden in the city

Care For Your Urban Garden In The Winter

So, you may not live on a homestead, but you’re pretty proud of the patio garden you’ve curated. Living in an urban setting and creating a thriving container garden isn’t exactly the easiest, but you’ve done it. And now that the weather’s getting cold, you’re worried that your balcony garden will wilt with the seasons. […]

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popular perennials

Rozanne’s Popular Friends: See Some Of My Favorites!

They say birds of a feather flock together, but in the case of my friends and I, I will have to beg to differ. We are all very different in appearance and personality, but all of our qualities are redeeming in their own individual ways. The only thing we have in common is our popularity! […]

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What to do in Autumn in your Garden

Many gardeners are big fans of fall. The brisk, cooler weather is the ideal setting for spending time with nature and enjoying the great outdoors. Not too hot, not too cold, and full of festive seasonal pleasures like pumpkin and apple picking. It’d be a shame not to experience autumn in its full beauty, so […]

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Beautiful Igloo Mums – Easy Autumnal Perennials

Igloo Mums are much more than their fun, frosty name. This mum family of varieties is a hardy, quintessential autumn garden addition—so it’s no wonder that these are some of Rozanne’s most popular friends right now! Plenty of internet users have been browsing our Igloo Mums page lately because a fall garden is basically remiss […]

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3 Ways Raising Grandchildren is Like Gardening

If you had to choose between gardening and your grandchildren, which one would you pick? Just kidding… we’d never make you choose between what are probably two of the greatest joys in your life. (We’re not heartless!) However, that does bring us to our next point: gardening and raising grandkids have quite a few similarities! […]

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container anemone flowers

What To Pair With Your Container Anemone Flowers

If you have a container garden, you know how fun they can be. All you need to keep adding to is another pot or planter, and you’re ready to bring new blooms to the space! Plant containers can be anything from a classic terra cotta pot to Wellington boots to a watering can. Depending on […]

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