How to Plant Your Garden for a Stunning Backyard Wedding

It’s wedding season! And there’s no doubt that backyard weddings are all the rage. Backyard weddings are notably popular because of their affordability, uniqueness, and intimacy. There is truly nothing that can compare to your one-of-a-kind celebration, especially when you decide to take advantage of the venue and create a beautiful botanical sanctuary of sorts. […]

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garden vacation ideas

Stress-Free Vacation: How To Help Your Garden Survive Your Vacation

What’s not to love about going away on holiday? No matter where you’re headed this summer, surely you’re getting excited just thinking about it! But as you get to preparing and thinking about everything you need to do before you leave (ahem, shopping trip, ahem), something not-so-exciting has probably crossed your mind: “How will my […]

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are mums perennials 1

Mum’s the Word: Are Mums Really Perennials?

Mums are more than what you call the woman who gave birth to you. They’re actually a family of flowers! O.K., O.K., you probably already knew that… But did you know that mums are not all annuals like most people believe? Even experienced gardeners are known to make this mistake, which leaves a lot of […]

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Beautiful Frivolity: Garden Follies From Around the World

Let’s get right to it… You’ve probably heard of the term garden folly but you’re not quite sure exactly what it is. To answer your curiosities, a garden folly is a structure built or added to gardens simply for aesthetic effect. Its name, a folly, is fitting because it doesn’t actually serve a purpose other […]

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Tick Seed: Strange Name, Fabulous Flower

When newbie gardeners first hear of the word tick seed, they probably start running for the hills. Ticks are some of the pests you definitely don’t want to see anywhere near your garden or your home, so the thought of a flower that might attract ticks obviously sounds like a nightmare. Of course, if you […]

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watering houseplants featured

5 No-Fail Ways to Water Your Houseplants

Bringing the outdoors in is one of those Feng Shui-approved home decoration techniques that everyone can benefit from. Placing greenery around your space is not only a natural decoration, but it’s also great for your overall atmosphere. Live plants improve the quality of your air, since they’re breathing in your carbon dioxide and producing fresh, […]

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Shady Ladies: Which Perennial Flowers Flourish in Shade?

Many people tend to forget that a garden isn’t always sunny spots and bright blooms. For a garden that truly flourishes, it’s important that you pay attention to the areas that are a bit more under the radar… the shady spots. There are plenty of reasons one will want to plant in a shady area, […]

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air plant ideas featured

Creative Home Decor with Air Plants

When it comes to home decor trends, air plants are at the top of the list. Air plants are a whimsical way to add intrigue to your space while providing a fun atmosphere and showing off your green thumb. Basically, they’re a must-have if you plan on cultivating an Instagram-worthy home. If you’re not sure […]

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