What is Permaculture and How Can I Implement it in my Garden?

So, you’ve been gardening for a while, and it’s time to step up your game. You know about composting and other cheap garden hacks, but what about permaculture? Perhaps you’ve heard this term before, or you’ve seen other green-thumbed gardeners use it. But what does it mean? Coined in 1978 by David Colgren and Bill […]

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Gardening pests

5 Worst Gardening Pests and How to Deal With Them

You take pride in your garden. All the labor, love and thought that went into your outdoor oasis are a result of your commitment to gardening. That’s why it can be extra frustrating when pests come to destroy your efforts. When these natural nuisances make snacks out of your crops, it feels like you have […]

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garden art

Fun, Creative Garden Art to Keep Your Garden Happy Through Winter

Why so glum, winter garden? There’s no need for garden spaces to be left to the wayside this winter. Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean your garden can’t brighten your life! While your winter-hardy plants hibernate for the season, spruce up your outdoor space with garden art. Colorful and cheery, garden art comes in […]

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Winter Hardy perennials

Winter-Hardy Perennials That Will Survive the Cold

Wintertime often comes as a bit of a bummer to gardeners—the lack of green landscapes can make it seem like spring is never returning. But what if you could have plants that come back on their own in the spring? That’s the case with winter-hardy perennials chosen for your growing region. These tough plants were […]

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Cheap and clever gardening hacks

10 New Cheap and Clever Gardening Hacks

It would be nice to have all the money in the world for gardening, but unfortunately that’s not the case for many of us. Most gardeners know they need to stick to a budget—otherwise it would be way too easy to spend a lot of cash on new plants, accessories, products, and tools. Luckily, there […]

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What Are Anemones and When Do They Bloom?

If you’re known to gravitate towards showy blooms and pretty petals at the nursery, then you need to get to know the Anemone family! This family produces eye-catching pink and white flowers, and they’re easy enough to take care of; making them a great choice for beginner gardeners. The Anemones are perennials, just like Rozanne® […]

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Shasta daisy

Meet our Favorite “FREAKY” Variety of Shasta Daisy

When you think of daisies, does an image of white petals with a vibrant yellow center come to mind? That picture is known as the shasta daisy! These classic blooms are beloved by many, so much so that breeders have actually created various new types of shasta daisies. One of these shasta daisy varieties is […]

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Full Sun Perennials

Best Full Sun Perennials for Bright Landscapes

If your backyard is brimming with brightness, you’re probably on the lookout for some full-sun perennials to add to the space! Many gardeners love perennials because they come back year after year, whereas annuals usually need to be replaced once their season ends. Full-sun garden spots are prime areas to plant heat-loving perennials. Many of […]

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