Bring Geranium Rozanne® With You

The Madagascar Palm slowly grows to its full height of 20 metres over the course of 100 years. Only then does it dramatically and spectacularly flower, an effort that so depletes the tree that it collapses and dies only a few months later. Most gardeners don’t have the space, the time, or the desire to spend that much time in one location in order to watch a plant like the Madagascar Palm go from seed, to flower, to dust. While Geranium Rozanne® may lack the dramatic showmanship of a giant palm that takes a century to flower, what she does offer to the less patient plant lover is an abundance of blooms that can go wherever you do in life. You won’t have to sit one spot for 100 years to enjoy everything Rozanne has to offer.

Here’s how to bring Geranium Rozanne with you:

Geranium Rozanne thrives in a container, giving you limitless options for placing her around your own garden, terrace, or courtyard. She will happily relocate next to your pool where you can soak up the sun together, or to a shaded area of the garden ideal for quiet reading. When you throw an impromptu party, she can be the centre of attention, or provide a beautiful backdrop of blooms, depending on where you wish to place her container.bring geranium rozanne with you


Her easy-going manner also means that Rozanne is always ready to pack up and head off to your next adventure with you. When you are ready to move to a bigger flat, a family-friendly suburban home, or a sprawling countryside estate, bring Geranium Rozanne with you. Her adaptability to a number of different conditions makes her the perfect companion as you move from your old life to your new one.


If you have planted Rozanne in the ground in your garden, don’t fret. As close as you can to moving time, gently remove Rozanne from the soil, retaining as much root ball that you can handle, and replant right away in your new home’s garden. If needed, you can plant Rozanne in a temporary shaded location for a week or so, until her new planting site is ready.


The winds of change are always blowing, and a new opportunity or adventure doesn’t mean leaving behind old friends. Wherever you go in life, Rozanne is ready to go, too. Her unfussy and easy nature makes her the perfect companion, and she is ready to bloom for you wherever you go together.