Ultimate Evening Garden Party

Must Haves for the Ultimate Evening Garden Party

Enjoying a beautiful garden is not just for the daylight hours. Gardens are made to be filled with the laughter and love of good friends. They’re a place to create happy memories! When the weather turns balmy and we don’t have to run inside for fear of catching frostbite as the sun goes down, our […]

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thanksgiving centerpiece

How to Create a Thanksgiving Centerpiece From Your Garden

Some people wait all year for autumn. And every year, this colourful season never ceases to amaze! Known for its stunning, showy foliage and harvest plants that are iconic enough to bring the taste of turkey and stuffing to your tongue, autumn is loved by many people for plenty of reasons. And, speaking of turkey, […]

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edible flowers featured

Flowers for Lunch: 8 Edible Flowers for Summer Cooking

We don’t even need to tell you that edible flowers are having a moment in the culinary scene lately. Whether they’re topping cocktails or adorning a cupcake, edible flowers are beautifying just about every bite. But these blooms aren’t restricted to your favourite gastro pub’s menu. In fact, you can incorporate these trendy food features […]

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flowers for wedding featured

9 Steps to Growing Your Own Wedding Bouquet

So, you’ve just said “yes,” and now the whirlwind of wedding planning has begun. No matter how big or small your wedding celebration will be, there are many decisions to make to ensure that your day is exactly how you want it. Especially if you’re trying to plan on a budget, you may be looking […]

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Creative Autumn Decorating Ideas to Repurpose Old Garden Tools

There’s nothing quite like Autumn to inspire home and garden decoration. The cool crisp air, the leaves changing colours and pumpkin-flavoured treats everywhere make Autumn one of the most beloved seasons. Repurposing garden tools into new art or a tool with new purpose is a fun way to personalise your garden. Repurposing garden tools keeps […]

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Subscription Boxes for Gardeners

Subscription boxes are the latest way to try out different products based on your hobbies and interests. These boxes are delivered directly to you on a recurring basis and include various kinds of products. There are even subscription boxes for gardeners! Ordering a subscription box for yourself or for a friend is a fun, easy […]

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Create Geranium Rozanne Flower Arrangements

How To Create Geranium Rozanne Flower Arrangements

There are so many ways to show off your Geranium Rozanne flowers through various colourful and creative flower arrangements. I love to use the geraniums as cut flowers to arrange in a creative, eclectic vase around the home. Grab a sharp knife or scissors and let’s get arranging, shall we? Creating Your Geranium Rozanne Flower […]

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must have tools for new gardeners

3 Clever DIY Ideas for Organising Your Garden Tools

The early spring sun is shining, the birds are singing, and it’s time to get your new Geranium Rozanne® plants into a container or the ground. You head out to the tool shed to find your spade and gloves, only to discover that nothing is where you imagined it might be, and your shed is […]

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Garden Marker Ideas

4 Creative DIY Garden Marker Ideas

Plant labels serve many functions in a garden. You can mark perennials and annuals that have yet to blossom so you can tell the difference between them. You can mark herbs in your garden so  your significant other knows what to pick when fetching supper supplies. A Creative garden marker can lend a fun, artistic […]

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Tea Kettle Planting Geranium Rozanne

Shabby Chic Gardening With Geranium Rozanne®

Shabby Chic decorating is a trend that celebrates the rustic and old. Furniture and accessories are prized for their worn and ‘used’ appearance, and often this trend breathes new life into old things by creating utility in something that was forgotten or discarded. Now we can expand on this wonderful upcycling movement and incorporate old […]

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