Watering the summer garden

Summer Gardens – 6 Tips for Gorgeous Garden Spaces

How are your summer gardens? When the heat of summer hits, gardeners aren’t the only ones drooping due to scorching temperatures and high humidity—perennial gardens often look tired, too. With a little planning and effort, though, your garden will remain lush and lovely throughout sweltering summer conditions. Water Just like us, plants get extra thirsty […]

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are mums perennials 1

Mum’s the Word: Are Mums Really Perennials?

Mums are more than what you call the woman who gave birth to you. They’re actually a family of flowers! O.K., O.K., you probably already knew that… But did you know that mums are not all annuals like most people believe? Even experienced gardeners are known to make this mistake, which leaves a lot of […]

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when do perennials return spring

What’s the Difference Between Zonal, Pelargonium and Hardy Geranium?

If you’re wondering what separates different types of geraniums from one another, you’re not alone. The topic can be a little bit sticky–even for those who consider themselves green-thumbed! We’d like to help by explaining! It’s important to know the difference between a zonal, pelargonium, and a hardy geranium because these flowers do not flourish […]

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seasonal pruning geranium

When should I buy Geranium Rozanne?

Plan When should you buy Geranium Rozanne? Part of planning your garden is knowing the right time to buy your plants. After you have researched which garden zone you live in, sketched your garden layout and decided which plants you want to highlight your outdoor space, all that’s left to do is to buy and plant! […]

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How much Sun does Geranium Rozanne® need?

It is warming up outside this summer. The days are longer and the sun is brighter. Make sure your geraniums and the rest of your garden is being properly cared for through this season and getting the sun it needs. Geraniums can do well in full sun and in partial shade. They typically like to […]

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common gardening mistakes

Are You Making These 3 Common Gardening Mistakes?

With the best of intentions we start each spring hoping for the perfect garden. Have you ever found yourself mid summer wondering where you went wrong? If you answered yes, then you are not alone. Every year hundreds of well meaning gardening enthusiasts set out with just a spade and a dream, hoping to beautify […]

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Health Benefits of Gardening

Being friends with Rozanne® is about more than good times and quiet moments together; spending time with her can actually improve your health! Not that you needed any excuses to head out to the garden for some one-on-one time with Rozanne, but here are some ways you can reap the health benefits of gardening with […]

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great gifts for gardeners

5 Great Gifts for Gardeners

Be it a birthday, holiday, or for no reason other than to show your appreciation for a friend, gardeners give the best gifts. And, since birds of a feather garden together, there is a good chance a garden-loving friend will appear on your gift-giving list soon. Here are 5 great gifts for gardeners of all […]

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Get Kids Interested In Gardening

Get Kids Interested in Gardening

How do we get kids interested in gardening? The trick to instill your love of the outdoors and gardening into your children is to start when they are young. It might be hard to imagine entrusting your more precious and delicate plants to the inexperienced hands of a toddler. Likewise, you may not want to […]

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Hardy Geranium

What is a Hardy Geranium?

What separates a hardy geranium, such as Geranium Rozanne, from a half-hardy geranium or pelargonium? You might be surprised to know that there is some confusion out there! People sometimes confuse true hardy geraniums with the other members of the Geraniaceae family. It all started back in the 18th century. Hardy cranesbill and pelargonium, from […]

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