Colour Therapy: How the Right Colour Can Change Your Life

Do you feel calm and peaceful in one room of your home and bold and energetic in another? It may be the colours in your space that are affecting those moods. By using colour therapy, you can create an idyllic setting that will enhance your mood.

The colours you use in your home and garden can create a soothing, relaxing environment, or a stimulating energetic one. Colours have the power to calm, increase appetite, boost creativity and more. Colour therapy suggests that colours can evoke different responses in different people. 

Here’s how to enhance your mood with colour:


Red is a bold colour and it elicits bold emotions. It is often associated with love, warmth, power, and even anger. Red can create excitement and intensity. It can increase adrenaline and has been shown to speed heart rate and raise blood pressure. Use red when you want to be bold and make a statement.

colour therapy - how colour effects your moodBlue

While red increases heart rate and raises blood pressure, blue brings these down. Blue has a calming, serene effect and can create a tranquil, relaxing environment. It can also be seen as sad, icy and cold, so mix with warmer colours to avoid this.


The colour white is similar to blue in that it can stir up two contrasting moods. White can create a peaceful setting, but it can also be seen as stark and sterile. White is also often used strategically to make a space seem larger.


Yellow is a bright, cheery colour and creates feelings of happiness. Since yellow is the most visible colour, you only need a small amount of it to grab attention. When too much yellow is used, it can cause feelings of anger and frustration.



Black is a powerful colour and has many symbolic meanings. It represents mourning and sadness in some cultures. It is also associated with sophistication and sexuality. When using black in your space, think about how the colour makes you feel and use it in small doses.



Purple conveys luxury and sophistication. It’s the traditional colour of royalty and wealth and is still associated with high quality. This colour can inspire creativity, mystery, and spirituality. Purple is rare in nature so when found, it is especially intriguing. Just another reason why Rozanne® is so captivating.



Green symbolises nature, health and good fortune. Like blue, green has a calming effect and can help relieve stress and promote relaxation. Green is easy on the eyes and can be used in nearly any room of the house and abundantly in the garden.



This energetic colour evokes enthusiasm and excitement. Some research has shown that orange increases oxygen to the brain. Use orange when you want a boost of energy or to stimulate brain activity.


When deciding which colours to use, take into account complementary and analogous colours and choose colours that work well together. Then, think through the meaning of each colour and how specific colours make you feel.


Decide the mood you want to set in your garden and put the colours on paper by sketching your garden layout. Do you want to feel inspired and lifted? Perhaps you want a tranquil, peaceful setting. You might even want a little of both. Seeing the colours on paper will evoke certain emotions and help guide you.


Using colour therapy to plan your space will not only help you to create a beautiful garden, but it will also create a mood and setting that is just right for you!