Companion Garden Planting: What to Plant Together

Everyone could use a friend in life, and this is just as true in the garden as out. Geranium Rozanne® is a steadfast and dependable presence who fills your outdoor space with blooms and beauty! However, she can benefit greatly from a few floral friends of her own. While her easy-going nature means she gets along quite well with flora of all kinds, there are certain plants that you can pair with Rozanne for instant chemistry and lasting friendships. Here are some ideas to make the most of your garden planting.


“Out of gardens grow fleeting flowers but lasting friendships.”- Beverly Rose Hopper

Here are our ideas for your garden planting:

Companion planting uses different species of plants in the same area for the benefit and increased productivity of all. Different colours, species, growing seasons, and aromas from a variety of plants can confuse pests, and make your entire garden more resilient than one that features a single variety of blooms.


garden plantingGeranium Rozanne has been known to work hard for her companions; she attracts butterflies, as well as honeybees that can help pollinate vegetables and fruits.


Your favourite cranesbill geranium doesn’t have to relegate herself to the supporting player in her relationships with other flora, however. There are many blooms and plants that will perfectly compliment her periwinkle-like flowers. In addition, her bright green foliage, and tendency to sprawl, spill, and climb without restraint are bound to impress.

Companions and Pairs

Pairing Rozanne with plants of contrasting yet complimentary size, colour, and shape will add visual interest to your garden planting. Her cheerful, round, violet-streaked blooms look lovely with white, blue, purple, or yellow flowers in your garden.


For some interesting combinations in your garden, consider pairing Rozanne with other blue-hued plants. Blue hydrangeas, dramatic hostas with wide, full blue-green foliage, and the long, sturdy lilac spikes of meadow sage will provide a range of different textures, shapes, and heights within this analoguous colour scheme. Rozanne has a flair for drama! You can play that off with the deeply hued purplish-black foliage of Barberry ‘Concorde’ or Foamy Bells ‘Cracked Ice’.


Rozanne can be combined with other flowers to create contrast and visual interest. Her blooms can be paired with vibrant yellow, orange, and red flowers such as poppies, carnations, and roses.


Choosing good companions for Rozanne helps the flora in your garden to perform better. In addition, it provides an interesting garden environment for you to enjoy. Mix up different plant varieties, with varying colours, shapes, and blooms sizes, and all of your plants will thrive. After all, isn’t life just a bit sweeter when you have good friends?