Container Gardening with Geranium Rozanne®

Container gardening is experiencing a rise in popularity. There are many great reasons to plant in a container, and certain flowers lend themselves particularly well to such an arrangement. Rozanne® is one of these. Planting Geranium Rozanne in a container is an easy way to enjoy her beauty and vibrant color, and she stands out well against other options in container gardening.

Here’s why Geranium Rozanne does well in container gardening:

Enjoy Blooms Earlier in the Year

When a perennial is planted in a container in a sunny position, the roots will warm and begin growing earlier than if it were planted in the ground. Of course, there is more exposure to cool temperatures, but a hardy geranium such as Rozanne is tough enough to handle the nippy air of early spring.

container gardening with geranium rozanne pinterestIn A Container, Bring Rozanne Anywhere You Please

If you bore easily with the same scenery, planting your cranesbill in a container can allow you to move things around whenever you please. Rearrange your patio and move Rozanne for a party. Move her to a place that sees more sun during the darker winter months. Or simply change the scenery when you get bored with the status quo.

Rozanne Creates a Dramatic Look

While some flowers are content to stay inside the confines of their container home, Geranium Rozanne sprawls and drapes her flowing foliage over the edge of a container, creating a dramatic and wispy waterfall effect. Flowing tendrils of green drape playfully down the side of the container, punctuated with Rozanne’s vibrant purple flowers. This is especially pleasing to the eye when you plant her in a bright white container! Place it high enough to keep Rozanne’s foliage from touching the ground.

Rozanne is Drought Resistant

Deep natural ground is usually better at retaining water content than a container. When you experiment with container gardening, be sure the flower you choose to plant is drought resistant. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself constantly watering, especially in the hot summer months. Rozanne has very flexible water requirements, and doesn’t need to be pampered. With Rozanne, you can enjoy a bright purple splash of color without spending your spare time caring for her.

With all the reasons Geranium Rozanne is perfectly suited to container planting. It’s easy to see why the cranesbill is such an inspiration to container gardeners everywhere.

Description: Hop on the hottest trend in garden design and try container gardening with Geranium Rozanne.



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