6 Perfect Geranium Rozanne® Container Pairings

Geranium Rozanne® is such a versatile flower. She grows just as beautifully in a container as she does in a flower bed or window box. Planting Geranium Rozanne in a container with other flowers can enhance her beauty, and create depth and contrast that will light up your garden or patio area. Here are 6 examples of container pairings that go well with Rozanne.

White Container Plants

White is a reflective colour, so including white in your container plantings would help illuminate an evening in the garden. Several white flowers that take container planting well, and look stunning against the vibrant purple-blue of Rozanne are:

Geranium (Pelargonium ‘Allure White’)

Geranium with geranium? Why not! The geranium pelargonium is different than the hardy Geranium Rozanne in that it’s not a perennial. Therefore, it would need to be planted each spring in the container with Rozanne. Allure White grows well in full sun and partial shade, just like Rozanne, and would provide a clustering canvass of white for Rozanne to display her large purple petals against.

Bacopa (Sutera ‘Abunda Giant White’)

Offering a more sprawling option for your Geranium Rozanne pairing, the Bacopa Abunda Giant White would provide a soft contrast, blending in with Rozanne’s wild abandon. Small smatterings of white flowers with yellow centres would punctuate the greenery, and bring depth to your cranesbill. The Bacopa likes full sunlight, but tolerates pollution and poor air quality, so is a flower ideally suited for city life in an urban area.

Geranium Rozanne Container Pairings PinterestYellow Container Plants

Yellow is a complimentary colour to the purple blue hues of the cranesbill geranium. Complementary colours are pleasing to the eye, and when paired in containers, create a dynamic contrast in your garden. Examples of yellow container plants include

Pot Marigold (Calendula)

Another annual beauty that thrives in full sun or partial shade, Pot Marigolds are an ideal container pairing for Geranium Rozanne. Since Rozanne is so long lasting, the cool weather loving calendula can be a nice addition in the later summer/fall months, when other warm weather annuals have run their course.

Wandering Chilean Iris (Libertia peregrinans)

A two-for-one solution container companion, the Wandering Chilean Iris not only boasts dramatic tall blades of golden foliage, she produces clusters of elegant white flowers when in bloom. Bonus: the Wandering Chilean Iris is drought resistant, matching up nicely with Rozanne’s modest water requirements.

Blue and Red and Container Pairings

Analogous colours are ones that occur close to one another on the colour wheel, and quite often occur in nature. Colour theory suggests that analogous colours create a feeling of harmony and calm. This might be just what you are looking to get out of your garden on a breezy Sunday afternoon! Geranium Rozanne is mostly violet and purple, so the analogous colours we would want to plant with her are blues and reds.

Johnny Jump Up, Heartsease (Viola tricolor)

Johnny Jump Ups come in a variety of colours, including a bright red hue with a stark black centre. These friendly little perennials have classic charm, and produce an abundance of scented flowers each year. They are also great options for a window box!

Himalayan Blue Poppy (Meconopsis sheldonii)

Another partial shade loving perennial, the Himalayan Blue Poppy, blooms in a slightly more blue hue than the Cranesbill, and stands taller with a thicker leaf and wider leaf. She would create a stunning contrast to the wispy sprawling of Rozanne.

Description: Amplify the beauty of your potted cranesbill with these 6 perfect container pairings for Geranium Rozanne.



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