Cranesbills: Low Maintenance Garden Flowers

Cranesbills, as you may already know, are simply another name for geraniums. The two terms are commonly used interchangeably when referring to the ever-popular flower. “Cranesbill” derives from the appearance of the fruit capsule in the centre of the flower, which in some species looks like the beak (or bill) of a crane bird.


Our very own lovely Geranium Rozanne® is a cranesbill, just as she is a geranium. Cranesbills are an optimal choice for garden landscapes for many qualified reasons, a perfect and easy-going addition to your garden and home.


Why Are Cranesbills Unique?Cranesbills - low maintenance garden flower

First and foremost, many cranesbills are extremely low maintenance flowers. Don’t let Rozanne’s vibrant blooms fool you, as we both know she doesn’t need much attention to flourish so beautifully.


Secondly, cranesbills can grow in various types of soil and Rozanne is no exception. She offers growers the luxury of enjoying her glorious blooms for months and months at a time.


Lastly, our favourite cranesbill, Rozanne, simply does not need much watering beyond the initial transplant to her new home. Once established, she prefers a steady watering schedule to stay moist and is otherwise quite tolerant.  


We may be biased but Geranium Rozanne is one of the best low maintenance cranesbills for a flourishing addition to your garden landscape. She is the longest blooming geranium and can thrive in extreme weather conditions. In addition, she is probably the most celebrated geranium by plant enthusiasts around the world!