Creating Arrangements with Your Geranium Flower

Just like you, every flower is unique with its own beauty, colour, style, texture, scent and demeanor. When creating flower arrangements with you favourite Geranium flower, Rozanne®, and her blooming friends, it’s important to remember that there takes some consideration to correctly balancing the mix of flowers to complement each other and have your arrangement vision come to fruition.

Building the Perfect Arrangement with Your Geranium Flower

geranium flowers and friendsColour

Colours have a way of producing specific emotions when grouped together. You can choose a monochromatic tone with all the flowers to give an ambiance of balance and synergy. Or, utilise cool or warm tones to evoke a feeling of relaxation or coziness. Either way, you cannot go wrong. Think about the emotion you want to create and base your colour selection on those thoughts.

Shape and Texture

Choose a variety of flower that have similar shapes and texture for a uniformed and smooth look. Conversely, go with a variety of shapes and textures to offer a mixed bouquet with a strong centerfold and its softer supporting stars.


Truth is: if you go with your gut instinct, you’ll always be right. If you feel like a certain flower or arrangement will look fabulous with your Geranium Rozanne, we say go with it! Creating flower arrangements is all about your vision for the final bouquet.


The result of these considerations is a stunning flower arrangement evoking the emotion you felt, and were inspired by, going into the arranging process. With Geranium Rozanne front and center, of course, you simply cannot go wrong.