Yellow Brick Road: Creative Gardening Designs With Yellow Perennials

Can you think of a colour more smile-inducing than yellow? This cheery hue is must-have if you want your landscape to outshine your neighbours’. And there’s a reason yellow brings a smile to your face. The colour is the most luminous in the spectrum, drawing the eye in without much hassle. It’s commonly linked to optimism, happiness, enlightenment, and creativity. Need we say more?

yellow perennials

Since yellow is such a bright and happy hue, your garden would be remiss not to include it. There are all kinds of easy yellow perennials you can bring into your landscape that will instantly brighten things up. Especially if you’re looking to colour-coordinate with different plants, there are many ways you can do so. Below, we’ll give you all the best advice on adding yellow perennials to your luscious landscape.

Top Yellow Perennials

yellow perennials coreopsisFirst thing is finding the right yellow flowers. While there are more than enough varieties to choose from, we recommend planting yellow perennials in your garden since they do not have to be consistently re-planted year after year. Consider them one-and-done! With that said, here are the top yellow perennials for you to choose from.

In addition to the above-mentioned yarrows, there are quite a few more yarrow varieties that bloom to be beautiful yellows. You can see more yarrows here; we love these flowers because they’re bright and quite tough. Growing yarrow is pretty easy, so you shouldn’t run into many problems with these blooms!

Creative Landscaping Ideas Using Yellow Flowers

Since we’re going solely off of colour for this post, you’ll want to think about how certain colours complement one another. For example, this article does a great job of breaking down the colour wheel and helping you decide what kind of garden you want to plant. Since yellow is a primary colour, you can choose to accompany it with its fellow primary friends, blue and red. Or, you can give your yellow blooms some violet-hued friends—these are the complementary choice based on the colour wheel.

As for landscaping ideas and patterns, you can…

Yellow perennials borderUse yellow flowers around borders.

Yellow is especially eye-catching and helps to make a space feel more intimate and smaller. If you’re working with a vast landscape, simply warm it up with yellow, orange, and red on the borders.

yellow perennials monochrome

Go monochrome.

If you’re not sure about your abilities to colour-coordinate, simply go monochrome, which means to gather like-shaded hues together in one garden bed. It is instantly stylish and — even better — ridiculously easy.

 yellow perennials fountainDistract with purposeful yellow.

Lastly, use yellow plants to your advantage. Knowing that they will attract lots of attention, garner this quality to help you either distract from an eyesore (what beat-up car in the side lot?) or draw attention to a particularly special feature of your home (that fountain deserves a second glance). You can even get fancy and arrange your yellow flowers into an artful display if you’ve got the room. Don’t be afraid of yellow’s power to catch the eyes of visitors; use it!


Do you plan on planting some lively yellow perennials in your yard? Let us know where you think you’ll put them. And don’t forget to join Rozanne’s Inner Circle for even more handy landscaping tips.