Creative Home Decor with Air Plants

When it comes to home decor trends, air plants are at the top of the list. Air plants are a whimsical way to add intrigue to your space while providing a fun atmosphere and showing off your green thumb. Basically, they’re a must-have if you plan on cultivating an Instagram-worthy home.

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If you’re not sure what an air plant is—not to worry, we’re here to fill you in. An air plant is much of what it sounds like. In short, it’s a plant that skips out on soil and essentially survives using just air and water. These little guys are funky-looking plants called tillandsia, and there are hundreds of species of these spindly specimen. They look best in chic glass globes, providing an ultra-modern look. See below on all the must-knows so you can create the ultimate botanical spectacle in your abode.

Here’s all you need to know about air plants:

How to Care for Air Plants

air plant ideas 3Keep in mind that when we talk about air plants, we’re talking about tillandsia. So when you finally decide to bring air plants into your interior, make sure you’re taking good care of them to ensure they’re performing at their best. They are plants, after all, and all plants need proper care. Check out this article for your essential gardening tips for beginners.

  • Watering: A good rule of thumb when it comes to watering is that you should do so once a week. If the air in your space is particularly dry, water every five or so days, and if the atmosphere is a bit more humid, reduce watering to every 10 days. To water tillandsias, you’ll need to take them out of their containers, put them in a basin full of water, let them soak for about 10 minutes, then spread them on a towel to dry. You can turn them over and shake them to get the water out of their bases if they still seem wet after a bit. (More instructions in this article.)
  • Light: Tillandsias love light, so place them near windows that get great, indirect light. If your air plants’ leaves start to look discoloured or floppy, that’s a sign they’re not getting enough light. Adjust accordingly and watch your air plant thrive.
  • Temperature: These plants grow perfectly well indoors with average home temperature. So, as long as you live somewhere quite normal, your air plants should be just as happy as you are.

Precautions About Air Plants

 air plant ideas 1 Though these plants seem relatively low-maintenance because they don’t need soil to survive, remember that they still need to eat. And for plants, eating means sufficient water and light. Without these two “food groups,” your air plants will get hungry and not make it out alive—talk about a sad situation! Give these guys enough water and light and make sure you’re watering them correctly (occasional misting is another recommendation), and they should be good to go. In addition, some types of air plants bloom beautiful little flowers. Just keep in mind that these types of plants bloom towards the end of their life cycles, so don’t get discouraged if they die soon after showing off their pretty petals. It’s just the circle of life.

Air Plant Decoration Ideas

air plant ideas 2The best part about air plants is how effortlessly cool they look when strategically placed around the home. They seem futuristic yet stunningly simplistic, and there is plenty of inspiration around the Internet for you to peruse, especially when it comes to stylish urban retreats. Some of our favourite air plant ideas for interiors include creative vases, living wreaths, and other savvy additions around the home.

  • Creative vases: You can basically place your air plant in anything that will hold it. Since dirt is not required, your possibilities are endless. Choose a hanging geometric piece to place your tillandsia (as seen here), or perhaps reuse a wine bottle to house your horticultural success. They look fantastic on walls. You really can’t go wrong here, so get creative.
  • Living wreaths: Year-round decor gets a lot easier when you hand-make a living wreath using air plants and succulents. If you don’t like the look of a traditional wreath (round, hanging on the door), you can take a more modern approach and create a tasteful air plant combination on a wall grid.
  • Other decor: Air plants are also great for creating your own decor with a quirky twist. You can make magnets out of wine corks and small air plants as well as striking displays in which you attach the air plants to metal sticks using cool rocks as foundations. Essentially, wherever you think some greenery could be used, your air plant would make a perfect addition.

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