Creative Ideas for Using Holiday Flowers to Decorate This Season

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us, and there’s no better way to celebrate than by bringing nature’s wonder and beauty indoors this season. Yep, we’re talking about decorating with plants for the holidays! This year, we’re challenging you to dream beyond the poinsettias and other traditional holiday plants, and try some creative yuletide decorating.

holiday flowers

Make your holiday decor stand out this year with the unique decorating  ideas below for an autumn-to-winter wonderland.

The Classics

holiday flowersWe’d be remiss not to include the tried-and-true traditional holiday flowers that have marked so many joyous holiday seasons. You can start off small with these classic plants, but don’t stop there! There are a lot more interesting ways to use nature’s bounty.

  • Bows of holly
  • Poinsettias
  • Pine needles
  • Mistletoe

The New and Improved

This the moment you start to step it up. To branch out from the comfort of the classics, we offer some creative takes on familiar favorites that will have you feeling both crafty and accomplished.

The Unique and Fun

holiday flowersWe’re heading further into your creative conscience—are you ready? These holiday flower decor ideas will surely get your family and friends talking.

  • Ornament terrarium
  • Decorate a Christmas cactus or other bush/shrub you’ve been caring for instead of a traditional Christmas tree
  • Create a wreath from non-traditional winter holiday flowers in unexpected colours

The Local and Native

Of course, there’s nothing more special than the homegrown feeling that accompanies holiday festivities. Keep it local this year with some native holiday flowers and plants that you find around your area. It will require a bit more creativity and work on your part, but just imagine how great it will feel to tell people you gathered, bundled, and created those beautiful holiday decorations getting so many compliments.

  • Make a date or family trip out of your native plant gathering
  • Use the plants for homemade wreaths, unique bouquets, and other floral decorations
  • Review these tips on gathering your own greenery to avoid messy mistakes

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