Creative Small Garden Ideas: What To Do When You Have No Space

small garden ideas 1Good things come in small packages, right? If you live in a tiny space, chances are you’ve embraced a minimal lifestyle and you’ve come to love your little home. No matter if you live in a studio apartment towering above the city, a tiny house, or a rented room, all these small living areas have their own quirks and charm.

The only issue with small spaces is, well… not having enough space! Many people who live with low square footage think they can’t fit plants or a garden in or around their home, but that’s where they’re wrong. Just because you have a small living area doesn’t mean you can’t invite plant life as another roommate!

You just have to get creative with your space—and we’re going to show you our favorite garden ideas for small spaces.

Small Garden Ideas for Tiny Spaces

Whether you want lush greenery surrounding you or colorful blooms brightening your days, there are plenty of cool and creative ways to bring plants into your small space. Here are our favorite small garden ideas.

small garden ideas wall Wall Gardens

small garden ideas balconyBalcony Plants

  • Make yours unique by painting or decorating your containers

  • Choose interesting containers

  • Reuse garden tools

Small garden ideas window box Window Boxes

  • Simply create more space by adding a window box

  • Plan your planting so you can choose companion flowers

small garden ideas indoor plantsIndoor Plants

  • Consider hanging plants if you have no floor space

  • Take sunlight/shade into consideration when choosing plants

  • Choose from small trees to tabletop flowers to succulents to herbs

small garden ideas roofRoof Gardens

  • When all else fails, head to the roof!

  • A perfect opportunity to create an extra oasis

small garden ideas vinesVines

  • Position them to grow on patios, balconies, or fences

  • Choose sun-seeking, flowering varieties for more intrigue

Feel better about bringing fresh foliage to your small quarters? Good. Now, do yourself another favor and join Rozanne’s Inner Circle—you’ll get more helpful gardening ideas like this!