Deer resistant plants for your garden

deer resistant plantsDeer can wreak havoc on gardens more than any other animal. In minutes, they can wipe out all the work you have put into your outdoor space. We love our wildlife, but would like to keep them in the wild, not in our lovely gardens. Rozanne® has some tips on how to keep deer away, so you can enjoy your garden and all that you have put into it.

Signs of a deer problem

You may never spot a deer in your garden, because they typically feed overnight or early in the morning. However, if you notice any of these, you probably have had some visitors in your garden:

  • Droppings: Deer droppings look like small pellet-like clusters.
  • Deer tracks: Hoof prints look like upside-down hearts.
  • Trampled plants: Deer may walk on top or over plants and trample them.
  • Torn leaves on plants: When deer bite a plant, it creates a torn, ragged edge on the leaves.

Deer-resistant plants

Don’t let deer dash your garden! There are various plants that can be deer resistant, depending on the region you live in.

Salvia deer resistant plants


This plant is scented, keeping deer away. Salvia also has a long bloom season, so you can enjoy their beauty and keep deer away longer.

columbine deer resistant plants


These elegant flowers will look beautiful in your garden and deer won’t be as likely to munch on them.

Bee balm deer resistant plants

Bee Balm

Not only will deer stay away from this bright plant, bees, hummingbirds and butterflies will be attracted to it.


rosemary deer resistant plants


This pretty purple plant has leathery leaves that deer don’t like.

chrysanthemum deer resistant plants


Offered in a range of beautiful colours, this popular flower has scented foliage, keeping deer away. They also help repel insects including ants, ticks and fleas. Double win!

geranium rozanne

Geranium Rozanne

While we love the look and ease of geranium Rozanne, deer do not love this plant because of the taste and texture. Planting Rozanne as ground cover, along with thyme or rosemary, could make a lovely covering that will keep deer away!

Other ways to ward off deer

No plant is completely deer proof. Factors such as food scarcity and individual preference will determine if deer will eat certain plants, even ones that are highly scented or textured.


Utilise other ways to keep deer away. One popular deterrent is everyday bars of soap. You can hang them in trees or shrubs, wrapped or unwrapped. Deer don’t like the smell and will stay away from them. The smell of human hair is also said to send deer scurrying. There are also various commercial products available such as sprays.


The only way to completely keep deer from prancing in your garden is to install a deer-proof fence. A fence that is at least 7 feet tall and completely encloses your garden will keep deer from jumping into your garden and eating your plants. You can also install an electric fence or a smaller double-wide fence. We love the sight of deer, just not when they are gnawing on our plants and vegetables. Keep the food of your labour for your family and friends and away from deer.

Have you experienced a deer problem in your garden? What is your favourite method for keeping them away? Leave us a comment on Facebook telling us how you ward deer off!