How To Design a Geranium Inspired Garden for Bees

Bees are some of the hardest working beings on Earth. Without their laborious work ethic, our world would be much different! Did you know that bees are responsible for pollinating about one-sixth of the flowering plant species worldwide? Bees also pollinate approximately 400 different agricultural types of plants!

As you can see, we owe many, many thanks to our friends, the bees. One way to offer our gratitude is to design our gardens to help them to flourish and thrive.

Why You Should Encourage Bees In Your Garden

Bees are outstanding pollinators and are absolutely necessary to the health of your garden (and our world as a whole) – they are the essence of your how to design a geranium inspired garden for beesbeautiful garden. Bees offer the essential ingredient as a pollinator for flowers, fruit, and vegetables in any garden. They are especially significant as a pollinator for those plants that need to be pollinated solely by insects (versus pollinated by wind, moths, bats and hummingbirds amongst others).

Planting a garden aimed at encouraging bees can offer them food and shelter, and could also enable them to nest and increase their population in safety. The bees will then increase the health and productivity of your garden, and of the gardens around you.

What You Need & How To Design A Garden For Bees

Realistically you only need the well-designed garden layout you probably already have, not much more. A few tips to help encourage more bees to come, live and thrive in your garden include:

  • Plant a wide variety of plant species that attract bees, especially native plants to your region
  • Do not use pesticides in gardens designed for bees
  • Choose plants that will bloom well during bee season, which runs approximately from March through to October every year
  • Plant similar varieties in large patches to allow bees to dwell and eat in one spot for longer periods
  • Offer bees water by way of a water feature or puddles to drink and absorb minerals and salt

Bees and Geranium Rozanne®

Luckily for us, Rozanne has an extremely long blooming season, and bees love her. Bees are ultimately attracted to her bright violet petals and brilliant white centre, and they enjoy dropping by for a sustaining drink of nectar in the many, and long-lasting, blooms of our favourite cranesbill.