Do I Really Need to Plan My Garden?

Do you really need to plan your garden? Let’s face it, you like your house and garden to look beautiful, but you don’t have the time to painstakingly care for an elaborate garden. So far, your idea of garden planning has been to purchase a few plants here and there and place them in containers around your outdoor space. What is the benefit of doing more elaborate planning when you are too busy to enjoy a garden, anyway?

Garden planning does not have to be a complicated or timely process. You can quickly map out a garden plan using a piece of graph paper, or even use a fun and intuitive app for your smartphone or tablet. Yes, even the garden has gone digital these days!

Here’s why you should plan your garden:

Garden Planning Saves You Time and Money

Planting a pine tree in the gardenWhen you take a quick moment to create a thoughtful plan for your garden, you end up saving yourself time, money, and energy in the long run. For instance, plotting the areas of your garden that get more or less sun allows you to choose plants that will better thrive in those conditions. You won’t make the mistake of putting a sun loving bloomer in an area that is shaded for most of the day, and the inevitable replanting or replacing that is sure to follow.

Taking a moment to decide on a colour theme or mood for your garden can also increase the pleasure you get when spending time outside of your home. Cooler colours such as icy blue, pale greens, and sophisticated white in your garden can inspire feelings of relaxation and peace. Warmer colours such as fiery reds or vibrant yellows can have an energising effect. By planning the colours you want to see and feelings you want to evoke in your garden, you may find yourself spending more time in your beautiful outdoor space. By haphazardly throwing a random assortment of plants and blooms into your garden, you may have inadvertently created the opposite effect.

Garden Planning Works for Container Planting Too

Even if your gardening efforts have been restricted to a container, choosing the right plants can save you time and money. Certain plants flourish in containers. Geranium Rozanne® is right at home in whatever size container you would like to place her in, and can be placed in a variety of light conditions in your garden. Her blooms can enthusiastically grow and cascade out of the confines of her container, adding more beauty to your garden. Some plants require plenty of space for roots to spread out and will require very large containers, while others have very specific sun needs and limit where your container can be placed. By taking a moment to assess your garden area, you can carefully select, purchase, and plant once.

Garden planning can be quick, easy, and effortless. The payoff for taking a moment to make a thoughtful plan for your garden means increased beauty and enjoyability of your outdoor space. You can save money, time, and energy by only purchasing and planting blooms once. You may discover that, with today’s technology and your knowledge of your outdoor space, planning out your garden is an activity that you actually enjoy.