Dog Friendly Gardening Tips

We love our furry friends as much as we love our gardens. But every now and then, the two don’t mesh well. Having pets in your outdoor space means certain plants should be avoided, other plants may get destroyed and Fido must be trained to not do his business in the garden bed. Here are Rozanne’s top tips for creating a pet friendly garden.

dog friendly plants

1. Think Like a Canine

You can have a dog-friendly outdoor space without sacrificing your garden if you plan accordingly. Think about your dog’s personality and plan it based on their breed’s tendencies.

2. Give Them Space To Exercise

Dogs need a space for running, jumping and roaming. Create one for them or they will create one for themselves. You can create a long winding path or dog run that is screened off so they have plenty of room to run and play, while keeping your plants protected.

3. Create Barriers Between Your Plants and Pooch

Put up rock borders or low fencing around plants to keep your pets from entering the area and trampling them. You can add temporary fencing around newly landscaped plants to train them at first. Another suggestion is to strategically place prickly plants near planted areas to keep dogs from charging them.

4. Let Them Take Care of Business

Dogs need a place to relieve themselves, so you must provide one in your outdoor space. Set aside a portion of your garden to be your dog’s toilet area and train him to go there.

5. Plant Flowers in Containers

Growing Rozanne and other perennials in containers keeps them far from your pet’s reach and maximizes your garden area. Container gardening makes it easy to plant, water and tend to the lovely flowers at a reasonable height.

6. Avoid Toxic Plants

Be sure to only have dog-friendly plants in your garden. Plants such as azaleas and oleanders can be poisonous to dogs and cats and should be avoided. Instead, try planting flowers that provide plenty of blooms and won’t harm your pooch.

7. Give Them Shade

Like Rozanne, dogs love to bask in the sun. But they also need shaded areas in the garden for those warmer days and to avoid overheating. Make sure there is ample room in your outdoor space for lounging in the sun and retreating to the shade.

8. Use Smart Fertiliser

Coffee grounds are a great fertiliser for your plants and they are a great deterrent for dogs because of their bitter smell. Bitter orange can also be used to steer dogs away from plants.

9. Give Them a Space to Dig

Dogs have a natural instinct to dig. Keep them from digging near trees or garden beds by providing them with a designated area that is theirs to dig in. You can fence off a small digging pit that is all theirs to seep their paws into.

10. Use Larger Plants

Planting large trees, shrubs and perennials will discourage your dog from trampling them in the first place. The larger the plant, the more difficult it will be for your animal to run through or over it.

Your outdoor space can be a retreat for you and your furry friend to enjoy. There may not be such a thing as a dog-proof garden but with a little planning and care, your garden can accommodate both of you and still host beautiful plants.