5 Easy Ways to Establish the Perfect Geranium Rozanne

It’s no secret that the award winning Hardy Cranesbill Geranium Rozanne® is a tolerant lady, and once she is established, she will thrive in nearly any environment with little care. She really is the peoples’ plant that anyone can grow. Getting started with your Geranium Rozanne is easy.

Follow these steps when you first plant your Hardy Geranium Rozanne! She will thrive and produce an abundance of strong vibrant geraniums to decorate your garden or landscape each year.

Here are our 5 ways to establish the perfect Geranium Rozanne:

Let Rozanne shine!

Full sun is Geranium Rozanne’s favourite place to be. Cranesbill Geraniums are happy enough in partial shade, but will really let their colours show and give you the full spectrum of foliage growth and vibrancy with full sun as long as the soil does not dry out completely.

Keep the soil moist5 Easy Ways to Establish the Perfect Geranium Rozanne

A fully established Geranium Rozanne will be happy with just about any variation of watering schedule you’d like to offer. But while she gets settled and goes through her first season, a steady watering schedule, providing consistently moist soil, will provide the best foundation for subsequent seasons of growth.

Provide adequate drainage

Few plants, other than water plants, take pleasure in having wet feet. Rozanne is no exception. Give her neutral, slightly acidic or alkaline soil that drains well and she will take root and grow with tenacity and vigour.

Don’t overheat Geranium Rozanne

Extreme heat can dehydrate the soil to unacceptable levels, and while Rozanne is a tough cookie, every flower has her limits. If the mercury is threatening record highs, consider an extra watering for the day to freshen up her roots from the stress of the heat.

Shear away

Rozanne is pretty low maintenance when it comes to pruning. There is absolutely no need to do so unless you want to do a little touch-up trimming to hold her back from paths and other plants or to freshen her up a bit in the autumn.

Wait until spring each year to cut back dead winter foliage. Then don’t be shy about trimming back plants to 8 cm (3 inches) to encourage new growth, taking care when trimming around new green shoots. Deadheading can be difficult when the vine-like stems get long and tangled and really isn’t necessary.

These are simple steps you can take to ensure that your Geranium Rozanne gets off to a solid start. They ensure she will require little attention going forward.

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8 comments on “5 Easy Ways to Establish the Perfect Geranium Rozanne

  1. How can I propagate my geranium Rozanne……I get a terrific display every year in my front garden from just 3 plants but would like to plane some now in the back garden? Thank you.

  2. I have 2 plants I purchased last month and have not had a chance to plant them outside. Its now Nov. here in the NE. is it too late to plant them in my raised garden? At this time of year the garden does get sun when leaves are of tree But may have to re-plant them in spring if they survive. Should I plant them outside now or wait until weather gets warmer? HELP I love them and hope to get more in spring to fill in my gardens. Thanks

    1. Hi Karen, after the first frost of the season you probably won’t have much success getting your plants established for the winter. You should probably pot them up and keep them inside where it’s warm until spring arrives!

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