Everything You Need To Know to Plant, Grow, and Care for Campanula Flowers

It can be tough not to be taken over by the gloomy landscapes of the wintertime. But what if we told you there was a beautiful bloom that’s hardy enough to survive the sleet and cold? You’d want to know about that flower, right? We thought so. If you’re looking for an easy-to-grow, ground-covering plant that’s winter hardy, cast your eyes towards the Campanula, which comes in colours such as blue-purple, pink, and white. They are one of Rozanne®’s most popular friends!

Campanula flower care

Ideal for your borders, rock gardens, and hanging containers, this sprawling variety touts star-shaped leaves that inspire plenty of intrigue. Sounds pretty great, right? So, you may be wondering what types of Campanula to add to your landscape. Below are some of the most popular Campanula varieties:

Campanulas are also known as Bellflowers because of their distinct bell-like shape, and they’ve even been used in the gorgeous Wimbledon gardens.

Campanula flower care How to Grow Campanula Flowers

If you’re ready to bring these beautiful blooms to your own yard, it’s important you know everything there is to planting, growing, and caring for Campanula flowers.

  • Plant Campanula in well-draining soil and in an area where they can receive partial to full sun.
  • Campanulas have a long blooming period, showing their best colours from late spring all the way until early fall. Little maintenance is required to keep these flowers happy; just water during dry periods and occasionally fertilize with an all-purpose garden food.
  • Trim dead heads to prolong flowering period.
  • Because these flowers are a sprawling variety, you should divide congested flowers in spring or fall.
  • Keep an eye out for these stressors: slugs, snails, vine weevils, spider mites, aphids, powdery mildew, rust, leaf spots, and Southern blight.

Companion Plants for Campanula

Once you’re ready to plant these stunning ground covers, consider pairing them with some of their favourite friends. The below flowers are fabulous companion plants for Campanula, and how you arrange them is totally up to you!

  • Lamb’s Ear (Stachys)
  • Lady’s Mantle (Alchemilla)
  • Columbine
  • Roses

Campanula ‘Blue Waterfall’ and ‘Blue Rivulet’ are perky purple perennials that are a popular favourites for many reasons. Whether you’re looking for a fun sprawling variety or simply a colourful flower that’s low-maintenance and winter-hardy, Campanulas are a wonderful addition. To learn more about how what kinds of varieties would work well in your garden, join Rozanne’s Inner Circle, where you’ll get all kinds of helpful gardening tips and ideas.