Finding the Right Plants for Your Garden Zone

It happens. Out of the blue, you fall in love at first sight. You bring home a striking beauty, certain you are the perfect pair and your love will bloom forever. You proudly bring her home and show her to your garden. This relationship, it turns out, is one-sided. You give and give with nothing to show, until finally what was once green and new has wilted away. If you are wise, you will learn a very valuable lesson from this sad story. It’s all about your garden zone! No matter how perfect or beautiful a plant is at your local nursery or garden centre, do not bring it home if it will not survive the temperatures in your garden.

Here’s what you need to know about garden zones:

Garden zones, also known as hardiness zones, indicate whether plants can survive the lowest temperatures in your area

A Bougainvillea, used to sunning herself in a Zone 10 with low temperatures of -1 to 4C degrees, will give you more than a chilly reception should you attempt to introduce her to your Zone 6 garden and its low temperatures of -23 to -17C degrees. Any attempts to keep her around will be fruitless; she will suffer from your attentions.

finding the right plants for your garden zoneLuckily, you can ensure a nearly perfect match for yourself if you choose the right plants for your garden zone. Like any other modern day match, the internet is a good of place as any to start. Find your garden zone on a plant, and you will be ready to meet the eligible blooms eagerly waiting to become part of your garden. In the UK, milder winters bring higher hardiness zones (7 – 10), despite their northern location. The US has a large variety of zones (1a- 13a). This is due to the inclusion of icy northern states like Alaska, and tropical states like Hawaii.

Geranium Rozanne

When you are looking for the perfect plant to bring home and care for, consider Geranium Rozanne®. She is a hardy bloom, able to survive in temperatures as low as -29C. She would fit in nicely in any garden from zones 4 through to 9. Rozanne’s easy mannered personality makes her a nice companion! With very little attention she will shower you with vibrant growth and delightful blooms. She may retreat for some space during colder winter months, but will always return to you with vibrance come spring.

Using the garden zones to pick the perfect mate can help you find a true and lasting companion for your garden, and save you the heartache of choosing a plant that was never meant for you and your zone.