Fountain Of Youth: What Is A Geranium’s Life Span?

These days it seems everyone wants to know the secret to longevity. How can we keep our bodies young and vibrant while extending our lifespan? Gardeners want to know the same answers for their beloved plants. What is a geranium’s life span? Is it possible for Rozanne and other hardy geraniums to live forever? What can we do as their gardeners to help them live a long and healthy life?

geranium life span 1

Nothing lives forever, not even our beautiful Rozanne and other true geraniums. With proper care and some luck, you can help maximize a healthy lifespan, giving your plants a long, happy life. Some amateur gardeners have even reported their lovely geraniums lasting generations – up to 40 years or longer!

Here’s how you can help extend your geranium’s life span:

geranium life span (1)Quench Her Thirst

Isn’t having enough water everyone’s beauty secret? Our favourite flower is no different. Rozanne doesn’t have high thirst demands and you don’t need to worry about over-or under-watering her. Check her soil regularly, and when she feels dry, give her a good drink.

Let Her Sunbathe

There’s no need for Rozanne to wear sunscreen. She loves being outdoors and soaking up some rays. She will thrive when she is in natural sunlight. Bring her indoors and you’ll likely cut her life short. Don’t worry if she can’t get the sun all day long. As long as she can feel the warmth of the sun for part of the day, she is happy.

Keep Her Comfortable

Rozanne and other true geraniums can do well in many types of soil and will thrive when planted in containers. Keep her comfortable in well drained soil, either planted in the ground, or in a container.

prune geranium life spanPrune Her Properly

Properly pruning Rozanne and other hardy geraniums will encourage new growth and keep them looking their best. Prune them once the blossoming period has ended. Most geraniums can be cut back twice in the same season. This allows them to bloom at least three times in one season.

Let Her Hibernate

Sleep is another key to a healthy and long life and Rozanne needs her beauty rest too. During the winter, Rozanne will hide quietly. Let her rest and don’t cut her back to the ground or remove her completely. Come spring, she will arise and begin to sprawl and bloom once again.

We can’t promise that Rozanne and other geraniums will live forever. However, we can say that she will likely live a long and healthy life in your outdoor space. Most gardeners enjoy Rozanne’s beautiful violet-blue blooms year after year for many, many seasons.