Fun, Creative Garden Art to Keep Your Garden Happy Through Winter

Why so glum, winter garden? There’s no need for garden spaces to be left to the wayside this winter. Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean your garden can’t brighten your life! While your winter-hardy plants hibernate for the season, spruce up your outdoor space with garden art.

garden art

Colorful and cheery, garden art comes in all shapes and forms so you can find a few styles that fit your tastes. Not only that, but adding art to the garden is a fun, new way to exercise your creativity. You can build your own DIY garden art, or, if you don’t mind paying extra, your local garden center should have some options.

10 Creative Garden Art Ideas for Winter

Here are some of our favourite garden art ideas to brighten up your landscape this winter.

  1. Old bicycle
  2. Ladybug golf balls 
  3. Upcycled license plate art
  4. Creative rock path design
  5. Painted watering can container 
  6. Upcycled tire art
  7. DIY rock garden markers
  8. Wine bottle art
  9. Seed packet letter decor
  10. Wire lawn animals

How to keep your winter garden spruced up and looking beautiful

A beautiful garden year-round does not happen by chance. Gardeners must be diligent about prepping their plants for cold weather and keeping the garden well-kempt as well. In fact, much of winter garden success depends on how well you prepare your landscape in the fall months. Some tips for a well-prepared winter garden:

  • Move container plants under shelter if possible
  • Cover outside plantsgarden art
  • Mulch around roots to limit freezing and thawing damage

If you want to keep your garden looking beautiful this winter, be sure to stay on top of seasonal cleaning as well. For more information on a successful Geranium Rozanne in winter, read our tips here.

A stunning winter garden can be yours with just a little TLC and some cheery garden art. If you enjoyed these tips and want more gardening advice, join Rozanne’s Inner Circle for the scoop.