Functional Companion Planting with Geranium Rozanne®

Friends, family, and companions – everyone needs them. Our own beloved Geranium Rozanne®, too!

cransbill functional companion plantingWe’ve talked about companion planting before – a garden planting technique that involves using different species of plants in the same area for the benefit and increased productivity of all plants and flowers. One advantage of using various colours, species, growing seasons and aromas as guides to choosing companion plants is that they can help to confuse pests, making your garden more resilient than if it were to only have one plant varietay

For reasons beyond simply aesthetics (the oohs and aahs of stunningly gorgeous flowers), there are many motives behind companion planting: think function!

The “function” of plants – the actual job, role or purpose a plant has – varies and can greatly benefit one another if properly teamed up with others.

Functional Companion Planting with Geranium Rozanne

Geranium Rozanne has been well known to work hard for her companions. One of her top attractions for companion planting is that she attracts honeybees that help pollinate other plants, like vegetables and fruits. Simply choose your favorite foods – peas, beans, apples or berries – and match them up with Rozanne for a useful and tasty garden next season.

Think about aesthetics, of course, along with function as you plan for your upcoming garden. Pair Geranium Rozanne with her companions for a stunning landscape full of useful and gorgeous foliage. Plants that compliment the beautiful and functional Geranium Rozanne include Catmint (Nepeta), Lilies, Gas Plant (Dictamnus), Delphinium and Shasta Daisies (Leucanthemum x superba).

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