Garden Design for Perennial Geraniums

Rozanne®, as you know, is a hardy geranium – a perennial plant that lives for many years but isn’t visible all year round. Perennial hardy geraniums appear to wilt and die as the cooler seasons and hard frosts arrive, but they’re only hibernating for the winter. When the ground warms up again come springtime, they re-emerge with fresh new leaves, full of energy to flower again through summer and into fall seasons.

Garden Design with Geranium Rozanne

Depending on where you live, spring and/or autumn may the best time of year to plant new Rozanne, allowing her enough time to grow and become strong before the following winter season. Although spring is still several months away, it’s never too early to start thinking about your garden redesign or design and overall landscape planning. This gives you some time to strategically plan for your garden and then implement the devised plan come springtime.

Who doesn’t like a well-thought out garden plan and design? Rozanne sure does!

Think about the following to help guide you through your garden design planning:

1. Evaluate your surroundings.

Consider your existing plants and setup, test your soil, take note of your sun exposure and assess your watering situation. Do you want to keep all existing plants, or perhaps get rid of some to make room for the new? For a starting point and for ideas for new plants, check out what plants thrive in your neighborhood.

2. Think about for  your dream garden.

Really consider your budget, time availability and commitment to understand what a realistic garden can and will look like come spring.

3. Develop a plan.

This is the fun part, friends! Take your evaluation and priorities and put them to use when sketching your very own garden layout.


If you’re in need of a little inspiration for garden design and layouts, spend some time perusing through Pinterest or your favorite landscape and gardening magazines to see what others have done that catches your interest and creative eye.


Don’t worry, there’s plenty of time before springtime and planting begins. Enjoy the preparation process knowing you’ll have a garden of beautiful, blooming Rozanne and other plants soon enough.